Spectrum Microwave introduces a new line of high power amplifiers that provide up to 4 W of output power and are internally matched for 2000 to 6000 MHz. These amplifiers feature a new surface-mount package with an optional high performance heatsink. QB-900 series amplifiers offer exceptional wideband performance in a small surface-mount package.

Spectrum Microwave’s high power amplifiers do not require external circuitry, only a DC power supply and a good ground. The amplifiers feature internal blocking caps, biasing circuitry and RF matching. In addition to being cost effective, the new packaging for these high performance amplifiers is lightweight.

QB-900 series amplifiers are ideal for a wide range of applications including jammers, pre-amp drivers and other high-end applications. The QB-900 series starts at $239 (in low quantities) with standard product lead-times of two to four weeks.

For more information, visit Booth 1835.