Leading microwave technologists come to Microwave Week to learn about the latest products from exhibiting companies. What are exhibitors hoping to get out of this quality face time? MWJ talks to several of them as they prepare for IMS 2008.

New Continents Technology: Chinese Manufacture, Global Aspirations
New Continents Technology addresses the evolution of wireless technology and offers a Chinese perspective on the impact of globalisation.

Anritsu: Addressing its Global Audience
IMS provides a venue to meet with Anritsu customers and key industry professionals to help grow our business, and develop new test and measurement solutions.

Mician: Current Achievements and Future Challenges
Heiko Frese, Mician Marketing Manager offers a European view on the development of software design tools in the Internet age and the development of the global marketplace.

Skyworks: Linear Products Catalog Business Broadens Expansion
Leveraging our Linear Products catalog business and worldwide distribution network, Skyworks is expanding into a broader set of end markets including broadband, industrial, medical, computing, wireless networking and cellular infrastructure.

Labtech Microwave: Meeting Ever-changing Expectations
Robert Lowther, sales & marketing director at Labtech Microwave, explains how MTT-S provides opportunities to meet decision makers, the challenge of accommodating rising commodity prices and more...

Mimix Broadband: Two-prong Strategy for Product Development
Current market demands in wireless communications require that equipment suppliers lower costs and increase performance. As Mimix Broadband sees it, this trend forces design engineers to develop higher levels of product integration to meet these requirements.

OMMIC — A First Time Exhibitor's View
Derek Smith, OMMIC's Director of Marketing and Sales, highlights the company's developing technologies, continued expansion and the transfer to a six inch wafer line.

Anaren: Microwave Technologies for Diverse Markets
Today's Anaren develops RF and microwave technologies targeted to a diverse set of markets.

Radiall: Innovation and Flexibility
Christophe Masnou, RADIALL-AEP marketing manager, addresses falling trade show attendances and adapting to the constantly evolving economical/political environment.