Engalco has recently released an industry and markets report covering global military and space-related systems. “Microwaves Global Military and Space Systems” (MGMSS) provides “free world” market forecasts for microwave electronic module products sold into these segments.

The report separates products and applications into microwave (0.7 to 20 GHz) and millimeter-wave (above 20 GHz). While microwave products always take the lion’s share of all markets, those for millimeter-wave products grow at a greater rate to reach over 38 percent of the global total by the end forecast year (2014).

Most types of amplifiers and oscillators are considered as well as mixers, ferrite components, RF electronic switches, frequency converters and frequency synthesizers. In all cases, the product formats are small modules rather than being rack-mounted units. End-user applications are segmented into “military” and “space systems.” Markets for TRMs (as implemented in AESA radars) are also forecasted. Military markets always exceed those of space systems—although in some instances only by a fairly narrow margin. Microwave frequency synthesizers represent the category of product having the largest available market—typically in the hundreds of millions of dollar range. The next largest markets are those applying to TRMs (for AESA) and power amplifiers, respectively.

North America always remains the region (and within that region, the US) with the largest available markets; the US also contains by far the major manufacturing base. This report covers the “free world” markets and does not include military or space systems product trading between economies such as China, Iran or Russia. Markets in Europe and also the extensive region known as the “rest of the world” remain at levels substantially lower than North America for the entire forecast period.

In this report, data on average selling prices (ASP) and volume shipments are provided for nine product types— again with forecasts to 2014. A total of 21 companies, identified as being particularly influential within this industry sector are provided in some depth.

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