Vubiq Inc. announced the availability of its 60 GHz integrated radio solution, enabling commercial, government and academic institutions to utilize the unlicensed 57 to 64 GHz band for application development. Vubiq’s tiny radio modules (patent pending), packaged in a 10 mm BGA, combine 60 GHz transmitters and receivers with integrated antennas, and are available in a cost-effective development system.

"We have created the world’s first commercially available millimeter-wave integrated radios and development system, which will open the floodgates for worldwide development of the next generation of extremely high speed wireless products, including wireless uncompressed high definition video, wireless local area and personal area networks, instantaneous file transfer, low cost radar and many others," said Adam Button, Vubiq’s CEO. "Just as we saw an incredible maturation of applications in the microwave (1 to 10 GHz) spectrum in the last decade, we will experience a similar explosion of millimeter-wave (10 to 100 GHz) development in the next, and Vubiq will play a strong leadership role in that growth."

The 60 GHz band, allocated for unlicensed use worldwide, allows for universal solutions.

"Utilizing Vubiq’s millimeter-wave expertise, we have built low cost integrated radios that will enable high volume production," stated Mike Pettus, Vubiq’s CTO. "High speed baseband signals are interconnected directly to the radios, allowing up to 1.5 GHz modulation bandwidth at 60 GHz."

Vubiq’s development system includes a 60 GHz transmitter board and 60 GHz receiver board, each with a USB controller. Embedded control firmware and a simple GUI interface are included, easing setup and operation. Developers can now focus on their specific applications, unencumbered by hardware limitations.

Vubiq is now accepting orders. The basic development system will cost US$12,500. Additional transmitter and receiver boards and BGAs will also be available for purchase.

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