NEC Corp. and its 3G partner Siemens Communications are assisting Hutchison 3G Ireland (trading as 3 Ireland) in deploying its W-CDMA/UMTS 3G network. As the supplier of 3 Ireland’s W-CDMA/UMTS radio access network (UTRAN), the contract includes the delivery of a full complement of Node-B radio base stations and radio network controllers with the aim of providing ubiquitous 3G network coverage for customers around the country.

A key part of the contract will be the delivery by NEC of a large number of units of its PASOLINK point-to-point wireless access system, which is a PDH/SDH microwave system. Due to the rapid expansion of mobile networks globally, operators are deploying this system to connect radio base stations in order to facilitate the reliable and speedy installation of the 3G mobile infrastructure.

According to Katsuhiro Nakagawa, associate senior vice president of NEC Mobile Solutions Operations Unit, “This latest contract is a clear testimony to the continuing success of the highly effective 3G network provided by NEC and Siemens for Hutchison.”