In a new twist on the traditional December activity of surveying the year just past and speculating about what the new one will bring, ABI Research, a market research firm focused on the impact of emerging technologies on global consumer and business markets, has released a white paper entitled "What’s Not Going to Happen in 2008." The paper is available for free download from the company's web site.

Lots of things won't happen in 2008, of course. So ABI Research's analysts focused on several of the company's core areas of expertise, including consumer electronics, digital media, Wi-Fi, mobile handsets, wireless networks including WiMAX, telematics, automotive safety and RFID. And by identifying over-hyped technologies that won't be next year's Big Thing, they of course shed light on what will happen as we head on through the decade.

Their conclusions range from the surprising — that despite the hype, plug-in hybrid vehicles won’t make a big showing in 2008 — to the provocative: that Motorola’s mobile devices division won’t find stability next year. They discuss the continuing lack of Wi-Fi network security. And they assess the prospects for handset-based navigation systems, as well as much, much more.

With its mix of expert opinion and informed assessments, "What’s Not Going to Happen in 2008" makes for a lively and informative read.

Download the paper at