Bidders in the upcoming US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) auction of 700 MHz spectrum can arm themselves with a valuable advantage - the new 700 MHz AuctionPlanner product from Comsearch, an Andrew Corp. company.

AuctionPlanner provides the critical information that spectrum bidders need to assess the incumbent environment both prior to and after the January 24, 2008 auction of the 700 MHz frequency band, now used for television broadcasting. AuctionPlanner enables users to easily identify current TV stations that operate in the band, supported by customizable maps and spreadsheets that detail existing coverage areas, operating parameters, station classifications and ownership information. AuctionPlanner also helps to provide estimates of the number of sites required to achieve FCC wireless network build-out requirements.

“Reliable, complete information is critical to be successful in the upcoming 700 MHz spectrum auction,” said Chris Hardy, vice president and general manager, Comsearch. “AuctionPlanner is easy to use and its wealth of data is organized specifically to benefit spectrum bidders. With AuctionPlanner, customers can easily and quickly assess the spectrum encumbrances and make sound strategic decisions on their bidding process. In addition, the new 700 MHz licensees will rely on the timely transition of analog and digital TV stations to their final digital channel allotments. The clear picture offered by AuctionPlanner of the current operating TV stations will help 700 MHz bidders evaluate whether any incumbency issues remain in a market, and aid in monitoring the successful transition of TV stations out of the signal band after the auction.”