Tyco Electronics Corp. has been selected by Raytheon Network Centric Systems as a key supplier on the Multi-Function Radio Frequency System (MFRFS).

Raytheon has developed MFRFS as the common radar for Future Combat Systems manned ground vehicles. This teaming integrates Tyco Electronics' advanced MIL600 connector as the main I/O connector on the system's processor unit. The connector complies with MIL-DTL-83527 and EN3682 and incorporates Tyco Electronics' Miniature Expanded Beam optical technology.

Tyco Electronics' commitment to this critical sensor program provides the Raytheon MFRFS with the following advantages:

• Rugged and protected fast protocol optics via Miniature Expanded Beam technology

• Signal integrity with the world’s smallest optical insert encapsulating four fibers per modular insert

• Highly accurate and durable blindmate interface shell hardware

• Improved environmental sealing and EMI/RFI noise suppression/sealing.