WiMAX Poster and Brochure

Agilent now has available a new poster and brochure. The wall poster is designed as a reference tool to help engineers understand the evolving communication standard by describing detail and contrasting fixed and mobile WiMAX technologies. The eight-page full-color brochure describes Agilent’s portfolio of design and test solutions for WiMAX covering the entire lifecycle from R&D, design verification & pre-conformance, conformance, manufacturing, and installation & maintenance.

Agilent Technologies Inc.
Santa Clara, CA
(800) 829-4444

RS No. 325

WiMAX T&M Solutions Catalog

This eight-page brochure features the company’s full line of fixed and mobile WiMAX test instruments. The literature provides test solutions supporting R&D, manufacturing and maintenance of WiMAX user equipment (UE), base stations and devices.

Anritsu Co.
Morgan Hill, CA
(800) 267-4878

RS No. 336

VSS WiMAX Design Solution

AWR’s Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) WiMAX Design Solution supports 802.16d-2004 and 802.16e-2005 specifications for both fixed and mobile WiMAX communications design. The software enables RF and baseband SoC designers, component suppliers, OEMs, user equipment companies, and infrastructure and network equipment providers to quickly and accurately design and verify WiMAX-certified products.

Applied Wave Research Inc.
El Segundo, CA
(310) 726-3000

RS No. 326

VCOs and PLL Synthesizers

Request Crystek literature for innovative frequency control technology. Crystek Microwave offers VCOs and PLL synthesizers in a wide mix of frequency ranges, standard packaging and custom design options. Product highlights include low phase noise, microstrip and coaxial designs, and octave tuning. Since 1958, Crystek has been an industry leader in engineering, manufacturing, support and service.

Crystek Microwave
Fort Myers, FL
(239) 561-3311

RS No. 327

Filter Catalog

This new short form catalog features a sampling of the company’s RF and microwave filter products to 40 GHz utilized in military, commercial and wireless applications. The catalog also highlights some of the company’s diverse filter design and manufacturing capabilities.

Eastern Wireless TeleComm Inc.
Salisbury, MD
(410) 749-3800

RS No. 328

Product Catalog

This product catalog highlights the company’s passive RF components and application-specific test systems. The catalog features model 50P-1708 SMA, a programmable attenuator that operates in a frequency range from 200 to 6000 MHz; model 50PA-330 SMA, a programmable assembly that operates in a frequency range from 200 to 6000 MHz; model 50S-1505, a high power solid-state switch that operates from 20 to 2500 MHz; and model 50PD-634, a power divider that operates from 2000 to 6000 MHz.

JFW Industries
Indianapolis, IN
(317) 887-1340

RS No. 329

Antenna Solutions for Aerospace and Defense

This new M/A-COM antenna capabilities brochure covers high performance solutions for aerospace and defense applications including C3, CNI, telemetry, data links, ECM, PGM, missiles, EW and GPS. With full in-house design, analysis, engineering, fabrication, qualification, testing and production, the company can meet most any antenna need for custom or build-to-print antennas.

Lowell, MA
(800) 366-2266

RS No. 330

Components Guide

The 2007 IF/RF Microwave Signal Processing Components Guide is available for free from Mini-Circuits. The 144-page catalog offers the RF/microwave industry’s most comprehensive listings of RF, IF and microwave components with essential performance specifications for each product. In addition to the extensive component data, the catalog also provides a listing of Mini-Circuits’ patents and the product model numbers to which they apply.

Brooklyn, NY
(718) 934-4500

RS No. 331

Frequency Control for WiMAX

This four-page color brochure details the company’s products utilized in WiMAX equipment. Products for base station applications include: OCXOs, VCXOs and SAW filters. Products for terminal applications include: TCXOs, crystals and XOs.

NDK America Inc.
Belvidere, IL
(800) 635-9825

RS No. 332

RF and Microwave Filters

This catalog features the company’s full line of RF and microwave filter products. The catalog highlights high reliability filters, multiplexers and switched filter banks that cover DC to 50 GHz and are tailored to meet the military market. To request a complimentary copy, e-mail: catalog@reactel.com

Reactel Inc.
Gaithersburg, MD
(301) 519-3660

RS No. 333

2007 Designer’s Handbook

Available in hard copy and CD, the Designer’s Handbook showcases RFMD’s broad product portfolio of RF systems and solutions for applications that drive mobile communications. Includes technical data on RFMD’s industry-leading power amplifiers, front end modules, transceivers, SoCs and other integrated components for mobile handset, cellular base station, WLAN and GPS applications – all backed by RFMD’s commitment to service, technical support and quality. Visit the company’s web site for the most current product information.

Greensboro, NC
(336) 678-5570

RS No. 334

Selection Guide

This 36-page product selection guide features new RF products for existing and emerging RF markets, and catalog parts ranging from signal source and signal processing components, and the company’s amplifiers, which include patented active-bias gain blocks, LNAs, award-winning WiMAX amplifiers, LDMOS and others. Also look for new passive devices from Premier Devices and new ISM transceiver and networking solutions from Micro Linear.

Sirenza Microdevices
Broomfield, CO
(303) 327-3030

RS No. 335