Temex Time, a leading provider of high performance, low cost rubidium and crystal sources, atomic clocks and smart GPS-synchronized timing solutions, has announced its new name – SpectraTime. This name change is expected to strengthen the company’s market position alongside the Orolia group’s other companies, while also expanding its product offerings in the time-and-frequency industry.

Orolia, which recently announced the acquisition of Spectracom (based in Rochester, in the state of New York, US), brings together a number of cutting edge technology companies that develop and manufacture high precision time and frequency systems. Pascal Rochat, SpectraTime’s CEO, said, “We are very pleased to be a part of the Orolia group, along with Spectracom and T4science. The shared expertise of these companies will allow us to broaden our business activities in key markets while further integrating value added technology into our core products.”

SpectraTime’s products generate high precision signals for a variety of cross-industry applications. The precision of its products is measured in accuracy ranging from a millionth to a billionth of a second. Such levels of accuracy are required in many mission critical applications, as found in satellite navigation (GPS or Galileo), military systems (radar, electronic warfare, guidance of nuclear submarines, secured communication networks and telemetry of ballistic missiles), telecommunications, space exploration, digital terrestrial broadcasting and instrumentation.