Carl Sheffres

It seems only fitting to recognize the Chinese New Year, with all of the attention being paid these days to the Asian market. Greater China has evolved into the most dynamic market in the world, with vast implications for the microwave industry. With that in mind, Microwave Journal will publish a “Special Report” in the March issue, written by market expert Jack Daniels of EastBridge Partners, LLC. Jack will discuss the current state of the microwave industry in China and present options for entry into Greater China. Watch for this and other timely articles focused on emerging markets and technologies this year. This month, industry icon Eli Brookner of Raytheon presents an overview of phased arrays and radars in the “Cover Story,” as we continue our monthly features addressing the current state and future trends of specific product sectors. If you were unable to attend last October’s European Microwave Week event, check out European Editor Richard Mumford’s recap in this month’s “Special Report.”

I’m pleased to announce the launch of the completely redesigned www.mwjournal. com, to debut next month. We’ve taken the hundreds of articles contained in our archives and added lots of new and unique resources to create a dynamic portal to the RF/microwave industry. You’ll find daily news updates, complete event listings and links, and a directory of manufacturers that provides easy access to company and product information from over 1000 manufacturers. New features include the “Custom Cable Assembler” and “RF to Light 100” index, resources unique to our web site. The “Ask Harlan” column will be expanded and will soon be featured on-line and in print. Readers will be invited to submit answers to the featured “Question of the Month,” with the chosen answer appearing in Microwave Journal and all of the answers appearing on our web site, along with editor Harlan Howe’s answers and insight.

The Microwave Flash e-mail newsletter has a new look and new features this year as well. You’ll find the latest news, product announcements and industry events delivered to you weekly. If you’re not already a subscriber, you can sign-up on our web site. You can also sign-up for our new eNewsletter, the RF to Light 100. Produced by industry veteran Gunter Vorlop, this feature delivers financial data and analysis of 100 of the publicly traded companies in the RF to lightwave industry, broken down into seven major sectors and updated weekly. I think you’ll find it to be a valuable resource.

Last year, we introduced the digital edition of Microwave Journal. Recently, we upgraded to a format that allows users to access the magazine instantly on-line, with no download required. You can move the issue to your computer for off-line reading as well.

The digital edition allows you to link to authors and advertisers, e-mail articles to colleagues, print articles and receive each issue much faster. You can check it out at

You’ll also find some subtle changes within these pages, as we are always looking for ways to improve your reading experience. As always, I welcome your comments at

Wishing all of our readers a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.