Ansoft Corp.: HFSS v11

HFSS is the industry-standard software for S-parameter and full-wave SPICE extraction and for the electromagnetic simulation of high-frequency and high-speed components.

Auriga Measurement Systems LLC: ATE Services 50 MHz to 110 GHz

The company's turn-key, fully automated, component test systems provide a single-connection, multiple measurement architecture used in both low volume and high volume manufacturing of high frequency commercial and military modules and MMIC devices, such as transmit and receive modules (T/R), LMDS and MMDS CPE and base station testing.

Endwave Corp.: ALC Log Amplifiers

Endwave has announced the release of a new product line of ALC Log Amplifiers™ for use in early warning radar receiver, threat detection equipment, electronic countermeasures and missile guidance systems.

Endwave Corp.: Millimeter-wave LNAs

Endwave Corp. has announced the release of new millimeter-wave JCA Amplifiers™ that exhibit exceptionally low noise characteristics over broad bandwidths.

Hittite Microwave Corp.: 8 to 12 GHz Digital Phase Shifter

The HMC543 is a four-bit digital phase shifter offered in bare die form, and rated for operation from 8 to 12 GHz, while providing 0 to 360 degrees of phase coverage with a LSB of 22.5 degrees.

M/A-COM: LDMOS Transistors

M/A-COM, a business unit of Tyco Electronics, announced two new 28 V LDMOS (Laterally-Diffused-Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) transistors ideally suited for commercial and INMARSAT applications.

Mini-Circuits: MMIC Amplifiers

This family of “Lee” MMIC amplifiers is highly reliable, extremely broadband and low in cost. These amplifiers offer good electrical performance, with up to 17.3 dBm flat output power to 10 GHz.

Mini-Circuits: Surface-mount Voltage-controlled Oscillator

The model MOS-2220-119+ is a surface-mount, voltage-controlled oscillator that offers 5 V tuning for PLL IC's 2060 to 2220 MHz. These oscillators feature low phase noise, low pulling, low pushing, aqueous washable, and linear tuning characteristics. Applications include W-CDMA, MW and MMW applications.

MITEQ: S- and Ka-band Waveguide LNAs

MITEQ's AMFW catalog line of SATCOM waveguide amplifiers utilizes PHEMTs offering the lowest noise figures available in the various frequency bands associated with S- and Ka-band satellite communication.

MITEQ: Portable Satellite Test Translators

This series of test translators is designed to translate the C-, X-, Ku and Ka-band satellite communications frequency transmit bands to their respective receive bands.

Rohde & Schwarz: Option for VNAs

Rohde & Schwarz introduced the R&S ZVA-Z110 option for its R&S ZVA24 (24 GHz) and R&S ZVA40 (40 GHz) four-port vector network analyzers that allows them to make measurements between 75 and 10 GHz (W-band).

Skyworks Solutions: Silicon CMOS Switch Matrix

This 4 x 2 switch matrix combines a digital decoder with the RF switching network and tone/voltage detect designed for European- and Asian-market applications including Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) Low Noise Block (LNB) – the SKY13292-365LF.