Computer Simulation Technology (CST) and Acceleware Corp. announced the latest generation of integration between Acceleware’s hardware acceleration solution for CST’s market and technology leading Time Domain solver within CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® 2006B and soon to be released CST MICROWAVE STUDIO 2008 (CST MWS).

RF design engineers involved in the electromagnetic design and optimization of passive components such as antennas, filters and connectors, as well as those interested in signal integrity or electromagnetic compatibility effects, can combine the simulation accuracy of CST’s proprietary Perfect Boundary Approximation (PBA)® and the latest GPU Computing performance from Acceleware.

"The computation power, which Acceleware unleashes, is stunning," commented Dr. Bernhard Wagner, managing director, sales and marketing, CST. “In combination with the accuracy provided by CST’s PBA technology, this is truly a giant leap ahead.”

"CST and Acceleware continue to invest in creating compelling value for CST MICROWAVE STUDIO customers,“ said Ryan Schneider, CTO of Acceleware. "Acceleration technology enables customers to take full advantage of CST's accurate 3D EM simulations in dramatically less time than using software alone."

R&D departments struggle daily with the challenge to create and design new products that demonstrate excellent quality, at minimum cost within extremely tight timelines. Dedicated, professional software tools have tremendously eased the product development and engineering process through extensive use of computer design and simulation.

This success has raised customer expectations to new highs fuelling ever-growing industry demands. Acceleware’s technology significantly reduces simulation run times for design and development engineers relying on the accuracy and versatility of CST’s market leading Time Domain solver while delivering unprecedented flexibility and capability for engineers at the desktop.

Compared to a two processor, dual-core-perprocessor computer, the latest integration of CST MWS with Acceleware’s Accelerator™ A30 achieves a speed-up factor of up to seven times for many real-life examples. Using a ClusterInABox™ Dual D30, performance increases further still and the fully-accelerated simulation capacity doubles. Acceleware’s Accelerator™ A30 and ClusterInABox™ Dual D30 are available today from CST for the transient solver in CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® 2006B and soon to be released CST MICROWAVE STUDIO 2008.