DMC Stratex Networks Inc., one of the world's foremost solution providers for mobile applications and broadband wireless access, announced it will supply Altium 311 and XP4 licensed radios to build a network backbone in Allegany County, MD, a rural area in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

The "AllCoNet 2" network will provide broadband access to 85 percent of the residents, 90 percent of the businesses and 100 percent of the industrial parks in the county.

The network is expected to be complete within six months.

Jeff Blank, AllCoNet's supervisor of Microcomputing & Networking, stated, "A traditional fiber network for Allegany County would cost an estimated $180 M, whereas a wireless network will cost only $3 to 5 M.

The ROI time frame for the wireless alternative was too compelling to ignore."