A group of major European players in the security sector has announced their intention to launch the European Organisation for Security— EOS—which is the private sector’s response in support of the European Commission initiative: European Security Research and Innovation Forum (ESRIF).

The Organisation has two main aims: to promote the development of a more coherent security market in the European Union and to contribute to the definition of a holistic European civil security policy.

To achieve these targets EOS will engage in active co-operation with European and national stakeholders. In order to ensure highest possible buy-in, it is in talks with future partners from a wide range of players involved in these sectors, including users and operators, private and public research intuitions, and large and small commercial companies.

François Gayet, secretary general of the AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD), and a representative for the promoting organisations, elaborated, “EOS has the objective to contribute to value creation at the European level for innovative solutions and technologies.

A significant element in EOS’s charter is to contribute to the creation of a homogenous European market for security solutions.”