In a move to strengthen the Polish Air Defence, AMS has been awarded a contract by the NATO Agency NC3A to supply three air defence three-dimensional radar systems (RAT31DL). The contract, which is valued at approximately Û35 M, was won as the result of an open competitive tender. It covers installation, commissioning and related logistics support.

The RAT31DL belongs to the latest generation of 3D long-range radar systems and has excellent capacities in detecting and tracking aircraft and missiles. The antenna is electronically controlled and can thus, in addition to distance and direction data, also provide information on the altitude of the target.

This three-dimensional radar system will have full NATO interoperability and has been developed to meet future defence needs, where information and command superiority will play increasingly vital roles.

The Polish contract follows recent announcements for the acquisition of a total of 10 RAT31DL radars for the Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece and Turkey. Other similar Fixed Air Defence Radar (FADR) systems have previously been ordered by the Malaysian and Austrian Air Forces.