In Brazil, Siemens is setting up a GSM/EDGE mobile radio network for Telecom Americas. The company is delivering transmit and receive stations as well as microwave systems for the GSM1800 network and is equipping them with EDGE technology.

The order encompasses the GSM mobile network around the metropolis of S‹o Paulo and other Brazilian states. In addition, EDGE is being installed in order to offer customers data transmission rates that are more than 40 times higher than GSM.

Commenting on the contract, Joe Kaeser, board member of the Siemens Information and Communication Mobile Group, said, "Since June 2000, when the government decided in favour of GSM1800, we have been present in the Brazilian market and have been able to expand our business steadily since then.

The most recent decision of the government to continue using the 3G frequencies for the succeeding generations of GSM is a confirmation of our strategy.

We're proud to demonstrate the efficiency of our powerful EDGE technology now for the first time in South America, besides the projects in the US and Asia."