Sarantel Ltd., a manufacturer of miniature filtering antennas for mobile and wireless devices, has signed a contract worth $620,000 over three years for multiple licenses of Flomerics’ MicroStripes 3D electromagnetic simulation software. The company will scale up its use of the software to simulate unique dielectrically loaded antennas, which is said to be a very technically difficult task.

Sarantel’s antenna technology is especially suitable for multi-functional wireless products where a number of radio systems such as GSM, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth may be operating simultaneously in a tight space. The employment of Flomerics’ software will greatly aid the development of these products.

Oliver Leisten, chief technology officer for Sarantel, explained, “MicroStripes is an important tool that has helped Sarantel become a leader in the design of antennas for personal devices such as mobile phones and navigation systems. These extra licenses will further shorten our product development cycle and increase our product performance advantage over competitors.”