Q-Tech Corporation, a leading global supplier of space-qualified crystal oscillators and high performance frequency control systems, introduces an advanced oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) series for New Space applications. Designed by the company’s German affiliate, AXTAL, the AXIOM75Sx Series features both ultra-low phase noise (close-in and noise floor) and the radiation hardness required for high-performance low-earth orbit satellite timing and frequency generation applications. Available for the frequencies of 10 MHz (AXIOM75SL) and 50 to 400 MHz(AXIOM75SH), these devices deliver low phase noise and noise floor down to -180 dBc/Hz. Testing and screening to specific customer requirements is offered and swept crystal versions are available.

Key features of the AXIOM75Sx Series are radiation tolerance to 50 kRad(Si) TID, single-event latch-up immunity (by design), single-event transient  insensitivity, exceptional frequency stability, over temperature (< ±50 ppb) and phase noise floor of -180 dBc/Hz (at ≥ 100 kHz offset). The wide available frequency range from 10 to 400 MHz covers many potential applications. The OCXOs are packaged in hermetically sealed enclosures.

“Today’s low-earth orbit applications require lower cost, commercial off-the-shelf products that offer proven state-of-the-art performance and radiation hardness,” said Henry Halang, AXTAL’s managing director. “The AXTAL New Space AXIOM75Sx Series provides industry-leading phase noise and radiation tolerance in a high-stability OCXO package.”