Pasternack announced its latest low-PIM products. The devices are designed to meet the advancing needs of modern wireless applications, including the burgeoning 5G and future 6G networks.

These products stand out for their low voltage standing wave ratio and their coverage across 5G and future 6G bands. In addition, their durable tri-metal plating ensures longevity and performance consistency.

The hallmark of this series is its exceptionally low-PIM (passive intermodulation) levels, a critical factor in minimizing signal interference. This paves the way for improved network performance, stronger and clearer signals and significantly reduced interference. The combination of advanced features not only enhances the reliability and capacity of cellular systems but promises an uninterrupted, high-quality communication experience that meets the stringent requirements of wireless applications.

“With the expansion of 5G and the anticipation of 6G, our low-PIM products are more crucial than ever in facilitating uninterrupted, high-capacity wireless communications,” said Product Line Manager Amar Ganwani.

Pasternack’s new low-PIM products are in stock and available for same-day shipping.