The quest for more safety features, AI content, autonomy and higher data rates will propel next-generation automobiles and communications systems to mmWave frequencies. Manufacturing and production at these frequencies bring new test engineering challenges as device placement, socket design, handler control and package layout can impact yield and performance. This creates a need for higher precision, lab-grade vector measurements to assess performance capabilities on the production floor. Test platforms must be able to measure high speed S-parameters at mmWave frequencies with sufficient precision to ensure conformance to all the system requirements.

A production ATE system capable of making precision measurements at mmWave frequencies is only the first step. A company that can implement production-proven solutions at mmWave frequencies with the depth of knowledge to assist with issues that may arise with cutting-edge technology is also needed. Roos Instruments has a heritage in this area, along with several patents for innovative mmWave testing technology. The patents cover blind mate interfaces, signal switching and routing with dense waveguides used for measuring the performance of mmWave devices.

The Cassini ATE platform gives your team the confidence to produce high-quality, high-yield mmWave devices to cost-effectively provide solutions to system designers. Cassini offers standard mmWave precision measurement test instrument modules up to 110 GHz. The Cassini ATE uses an RF system integration layer in the device interface with 16 universal instrument slots that accommodate interchangeable interface blocks and interconnects. This allows the test system’s architecture to be dynamically configured for each device application. Roos Instruments’ experienced staff are the partner you need to successfully navigate today’s mmWave manufacturing environment.

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