Fairview Microwave has announced the launch of its new commercial marine-grade ship/boat RF antennas, a pioneering line of antennas engineered to operate within the marine radio frequencies.

The new portfolio is designed to provide reliable and robust communication solutions for boat-to-boat communication, distress signals, port communications and more. The product line enables commercial vessels to command the ocean waves with superior connectivity and longevity.

Fairview’s new antennas offer full-spectrum connectivity. They operate seamlessly within the universal marine frequency range of 156 MHz to 163 MHz and CB-27 MHz, 10 m-HAM, ensuring unbroken connections at sea.

The antennas can be easily integrated into any vessel’s design, thanks to the three types of mounts provided. The mounts have been crafted for optimal marine usage, offering versatility in mounting options.

The product line has weatherproof features, with antennas rated IP67 for water ingress, offering superior longevity and reliability. Optimal lengths are available for users to select based on their unique signal performance requirements. Superior GPS capabilities, designed with L1 band and multiband capabilities, offer a 28 dBi gain for reliable positioning.

All products in the line are crafted from robust stainless steel or fiberglass for lasting durability and enduring performance.

“These antennas deliver robust, reliable communication across the universal marine frequency range, ensuring seamless boat-to-boat communication, distress signals and port communications. Mariners can sail the seas with confidence, knowing they have a reliable communication companion that's ready to perform when it matters the most,” said Kevin Hietpas, antenna product line manager.