Eravant, MilliBox, Maury Microwave and Copper Mountain Technologies (CMT) have joined forces to showcase a complete and affordable system for D-Band over-the-air (OTA) 3D antenna pattern measurement. Each company will contribute some of its leading products to the demonstration. The presentation features a benchtop mmWave anechoic chamber with a 3D antenna positioner from MilliBox and a CMT 2-port 20 GHz VNA. Eravant’s compact transmitter and receiver modules extend the frequency of the VNA to 110 to 170 GHz with low profile flexible cable assemblies from Maury Microwave. This demonstration displays a live 3D radiation pattern capture of Eravant’s WR-06 20 dBi horn antenna.

“This promises to be a unique demonstration that shows the 3D radiation pattern measured in D-Band over-the-air in a full set up,” said Jeanmarc Laurent, vice president at MilliBox. “It really helps engineers understand what a complete and affordable sub-THz solution looks like from our companies.”

“It’s so exciting to see companies align their solutions around the emergence of sub-THz development,” said Wendy Shu, CEO of Eravant.

“We know that creativity and collaboration will quickly bring affordable options to the marketplace as engineers pursue projects at increasingly higher frequencies.” Attendees will have the opportunity to witness this demonstration at Eravant's booth 1418 and MilliBox's booth 1914 during the IMS exhibition.