Optical Zonu Corporation, provider of radio frequency over fiber (RFoF) transport solutions, announced its EMCORE Customer Relief Program, which offers RFoF infrastructure replacement and ongoing technical support for former EMCORE aerospace and defense customers after the company dissolved its optoelectronics business in late April.

RFoF solutions convert RF into lightwaves to avoid signal degradation and interference when transporting mission-critical communication over long distances and in harsh environments, where RF signals cannot penetrate. Common use cases for RFoF in the defense and aerospace industries include RF signal transport for antenna remoting on military vessels including aircrafts and ships, secure satellite phone connection in sensitive environments and SCIFs, as well as GPS timing.

“Fiber optic transport plays a critical role in defense and aerospace, and these communication systems are continuously upgraded, routinely managed and improved to meet changing and often arduous environments,” says Meir Bartur, co-founder and CEO of Optical Zonu Corporation. “We developed the EMCORE Customer Relief Program to aid organizations facing this issue in the wake of EMCORE sunsetting their broadband business.”

The EMCORE Customer Relief Program provides a series of services:

  • Identify the comparable and compatible replacement products in less than two hours
  • Experienced technical support from team members with over 10 years of EMCORE equipment training
  • Free onsite technician training and certification at Optical Zonu headquarters in Van Nuys, Calif., to transition off EMCORE products (located less than 25 miles away)
  • Replacement RFoF transport solutions can be equipped with its patented small pluggable transceiver capable of locating the precise location of any fiber faults within a few meters for reduced detection time
  • Supports frequency ranges from a few KHz to 70 GHz and distances greater than 50 km with Ethernet and simple network management protocol (SNMP)
  • Onsite installation and support is available.