mmTron, Inc. announced the release of a 2 W, pHEMT, distributed power amplifier (PA) covering DC to 26.5 GHz.

Designed to improve the performance of the venerable distributed amplifier, the TMC200 covers DC to 26.5 GHz and provides more than 2 W saturated output power with a typical third-order intercept (TOI) of 44 dBm. The PA’s small-signal gain is 15 dB, and it has a typical mid-band noise figure of 2.5 dB. Because of the distributed amplifier architecture, the MMIC is well matched to 50 Ω, with input and output return losses better than 10 dB.

“With its wide bandwidth and dynamic range, the TMC200 is well-suited for instrumentation and electronic warfare systems,” said Seyed Tabatabaei, mmTron’s CEO and founder. “We designed the amplifier to be more linear by tailoring the epi used for the active devices and optimizing the gate widths and the load seen by each transistor. We added an integrated detector and reference diodes on-chip to enable output power measurement and temperature compensation.”

The recommended bias for the TMC200 is 15 V on the drain and a negative gate voltage to set the quiescent drain current to approximately 530 mA. The MMIC die measures 3 x 1.9 x 0.1 mm and has Au-based metallization compatible with the wire and wedge bonding used in chip-and-wire assemblies. The backside metallization is optimized for both epoxy and eutectic die attachment.

Samples of the TMC200 are available for immediate shipment.