West Bond's new 73KF Series Die Bonder is an excellent tool for meeting the challenging die attach applications found in the RF, microwave, semiconductor, hybrid and medical device fields.

The 73KF Convertible Manual Die Bonder has a capacitive touch screen Interface and is designed with a gantry style chassis enabling virtually unlimited part size capacity. Their exclusive 8:1 ratio, purely orthogonal X-Y-Z micromanipulator allows the operator of the machine to place die with precision and ease.

Convertibility: The 73KF series machines can do it all: epoxy die bonding and eutectic die bonding, with vacuum pick and place capability. Including interchangeable tool head assemblies for die bonding by either epoxy or eutectic methods. Conversions between eutectic and epoxy setups are made in mere minutes by swapping a single tool head.

Programmability: This touch screen manual die bonding machine features storage for 30 device configuration profiles, per mode of operation. Each eutectic buffer can store individual scrub distance, rate, duration and bond force. The epoxy mode controls the time and pressure to dispense a precise dot. The programming of each setting, operation of the machine, action prompts and fault diagnostic information is all displayed and input on the machine’s 7-in. capacitive touch sensing LCD display.

Features: The 73KF series machines feature programmable force (15 to 150 g), pure vertical Zmotion and programmable radiant tool heat. The 73KF series uses an open frame design, the 73KFX models remove the base and work platform of the machine and enable mounting the machine to a tabletop or conveyor system. Additionally, risers are available for the machine to support working with extra tall parts.