WEST•BOND’s 7KF Bonder is a versatile tool for the challenging bonding needs of RF/microwave, semiconductor, hybrid assembly and medical devices. The bonders in the series are convertible between ball and wedge bonding, presenting the bond wire at 45 degrees for optimal loop and tail control or 90 degrees for deep access and ribbon bonding. Conversion between the two setups take minutes using a single tool head.

The 7KF was designed with a gantry style chassis for virtually unlimited part size capacity. The unique 8:1 ratio, purely orthogonal x-y-z micromanipulator enables the bonds to be placed precisely and easily. The machine will store up to 30 device configuration profiles, or buffers, per mode of operation. Each buffer can store up to 21 bonds with individual ultrasonic power, time, force and loop elevation settings per bond. The 7KF machines have programmable force from 15 to 135 g, primary and secondary ball sizes, pure vertical Z-motion and programmable radiant tool heat.

A 7-in. capacitive touch sensing LCD interface lets the user input and see the programming of each setting, operation of the machine, action prompts and fault diagnostic information.

High and low frequency versions of the bonder are available: the 7KFH and 7KF, respectively. The 7KF series uses an open frame design, the 7KFX models remove the base and work platform of the machine and enable mounting the machine to a tabletop or conveyor system. Risers are available to support working with tall parts.

With a heritage of more than 55 years of quality and service, WEST•BOND is dedicated to the microelectronics industry, offering a range of assembly and test equipment that provide value across a full spectrum of needs.

Anaheim, Calif.