3H Communication Systems

3H Communication Systems product offering includes filter products from DC to 50 GHz. 3H’s filters offer custom designed, high performance filters in the smallest packages on the market today. 3H filter products support military, space and commercial app lications. 3H’s NEW VHF/UHF, eight-channel multiplexer with bidirectional coupler ports offers a frequency range from 5 MHz to 2 GHz with low passband insertion loss and sharp co-channel isolation and is available in leadless surface-mount application as well as other mounting options and meets MIL-STD-202 conditions.


Advanced Test Equipment Rentals Corp.
Test Equipment

Achieve 200 V/m for MIL-STD-461 RS103 testing with the AA-618G-300. A rugged and reliable solid-state RF amplifier designed for high-power applications in the 6 to 18 GHz frequency range. With a minimum output power of 300 W and a gain of 55 dB, this amplifier provides exceptional performance in demanding environments. The AA-618G-300 incorporates the latest technology in RF amplifiers, including Class A/AB design and VSWR protection. Rent and save from Advanced Test Equipment Corporation today.


Agile Microwave
Power Amplifier

Agile Microwave’s new power amplifier AMT-A0560 specs include: 27 to 31 GHz, 10 W, 40 dB gain, +48 V single supply, linear and saturated output power, compact size with 2.92 mm connectors. They are ideal for 5G and satellite communications. Check out our full collection of power amplifiers.


Altum RF
Power Amplifier

Altum RF’s ARF1014 is a monolithic 27 to 31.5 GHz power amplifier die fabricated in a GaN on SiC process technology. With 12 W saturated output power and 22% PAE, it is well suited for satcom terminals and other Ka-Band applications. Linear operation at 37.5 dBm output power achieves -25 dBc IMD3 with 18 dB power gain. Input and output ports are internally matched to 50 Ω. The ARF1014 is in production and 100% RF tested, including phase measurements to support power-combining applications.


AmpliTech Inc.
Low Noise Amplifier

AmpliTech is known for offering the finest cryogenic low noise amplifiers (LNAs) in the world. These amplifiers operate in near absolute zero cryogenic environments and are utilized in pioneering scientific endeavors where optimal sensitivity is crucial. These include quantum computing, space exploration and radio astronomy. The heightened precision and sensitivity of measurements of the qubit state that AmpliTech’s cryogenic LNAs provide, are essential to the function of quantum computers for executing quantum computations.

MMIC Amplifiers, Components and Custom Designs

Empower your communication systems with AmpliTech’s innovative LNA MMIC amplifiers designed to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced, connected world. These highlighted MMIC designs for 2 to 4 GHz and 4 to 8 GHz frequency ranges serve as pivotal components enhancing 5G connectivity for both S- and C-Band applications. Enable better performance and efficiency in your wireless communication systems, radar and satellite networks with AGMDC’s unparalleled low noise performance utilizing state-of-the-art technologies. AmpliTech also offers custom design solutions tailored to your exact specifications.


Analog Devices Inc.
Highly Integrated Satcom Beamformer

Analog Devices continues to expand its low-power, highly integrated satcom beamformer portfolio with the addition of its Ka-Band terminal beamformers. The ADAR3002 is a dual-beam, four-element dual polarization receive beamforming IC operating from 17.7 to 21.2 GHz. The ADAR3003 is a single beam, four-element dual polarization transmit beamforming IC operating from 27.7 to 31.5 GHz. Their low power and high level of digital integration make them ideal for applications such as airborne terminals, man-pack radios and satcom-on-the-move.


AnaPico AG
Wideband Low Noise Frequency Synthesizers

AnaPico recently started to deliver the new wideband low noise frequency synthesizers covering 10 MHz to 40 GHz. The phase noise at 20 kHz from 10 GHz is -125 dBc/Hz. The output power range is -30 to +25 dBm. It features fast switching of 50 us, absolute phase adjustment, pulse modulation, fast sweeping and triggering functions. The compact-size module works with both 100 MHz and 1 GHz references. Multiple units can be synchronized by the common 1 GHz reference from the master unit to provide multi-channel phase-coherent signals.


Anoison Electronics
VITA 67 and D38999 Coax Assemblies

Anoison Electronics has the professional staff and engineers to create custom cable assemblies to meet our customers’ needs. That is especially true when it comes to VITA67 and D38999 multi-coax connection systems. Anoison experts can create VITA67 and D38999 coaxial assemblies using either of two major cable diameters, 0.086 and 0.047, with working frequencies up to 65 GHz. Custom a cable to fit your RF, microwave or mmWave requirements.


VectorStar ME7838 System

Anritsu, in collaboration with MPI, are showcasing their single-sweep 70 kHz to 220 GHz VectorStar ME7838 system at IMS2023. A live demonstration of accurate antenna gain and radiation pattern measurements of an AiP antenna in the D-Band using a robotic arm will be presented. Since Anritsu’s mmWave modules are small and lightweight, they can be mounted on a robotic arm, allowing precise measurements. Single-sweep broadband VNA measurements form the fundamentals of device modeling and characterization of transistors, amplifiers and filters.


AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation
TWTA Replacement

AR’s 250S6G18C model with 250 W from 6 to 12 GHz and 200 W from 12 to 18 GHz is the company’s newest 250 W Class A, solid-state, 6 to 18 GHz TWTA replacement. Designed for EMC RI, CI testing (MIL-STD-461, RTCA/DO-160), antenna testing and microwave component testing, this model has full VSWR mismatch tolerance with protection circuits. The second and third harmonics are < -20 dBc at rated power without external filtering, and its high linearity supports all wireless modulation standards. Manufactured in U.S.


AT & S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik Aktiengesellschaf
GaN Doherty Power Amplifier for 5G Radios

AT&S embedded technology delivers the superior GaN Doherty power amplifier solution for mmWave radios, mMIMO modules, indoor or outdoor FWA, surpassing the capabilities standard non-embedded technology. The flexible solution for all frequencies and power ranges with 20% footprint reduction, 30% more bandwidth, 15% less thermal resistance, 10% better module efficiency, module gain and average Pout in comparison to standard solutions. Including halogen-free base materials eliminating dangerous combustion gases and reducing the environmental impact.


B&Z Technologies
State-of-Art Microwave and mmWave Amplifiers

Over the years, B&Z Technologies has earned a reputation for delivering the lowest noise figure broadband and narrowband high dynamic range amplifiers to the microwave industry. B&Z proprietary design techniques allow us to design most of our standard and customized amplifiers with various power, gain and noise figure combinations, anywhere in the 5 kHz to 50 GHz range in a single very compact standard housing with standardized parts required in extremely high-reliability applications.



Real-Time Peak USB Power Sensors providing the highest video bandwidth and fastest rise times, RTP5000 peak USB power sensors with Boonton’s Real-Time Power Processing™ deliver 100,000 measurements per second, no gaps in signal acquisition and zero measurement latency. Combining this performance with automatic pulse measurements, CCDF and crest factor statistical analysis, multi-channel capabilities and documentation tools RTP5000 peak power sensors are the ideal instrument for fast, accurate and reliable RF power measurements.


RF to mmWave Product Solutions

Cadence enables engineers developing RF to mmWave products for 5G/6G, radar and other wireless applications to drastically reduce turnaround times with AWR® Microwave Office® circuit simulation and in-design 3D EM and thermal analyses using Clarity™, EMX® and Celsius™ solvers. These solutions are fully integrated with Cadence® MMIC/RFIC, module, package and PCB implementation software via the AWR Design Environment®, Virtuoso® and Allegro® PCB platforms to speed design throughput and greatly improve the simulation accuracy of highly integrated large system designs.


High-Power Waveguide Circulators

Cernexwave’s CWC series high-power waveguide circulators are great solutions for directing signals of any strength. They are made to fit your project requirements with small to very large frequency bands and power levels into the kilowatts. The precision internals provide low insertion loss and high isolation while the robust aluminum construction keeps temperature levels manageable.


Coilcraft Inc.
Chip Inductors

Measuring just 0.47 × 0.28 × 0.35 mm, the Coilcraft 016008C Series chip inductors are the smallest wirewound chip inductors in the world. They are offered in 36 inductance values from 0.45 to 24 nH and feature up to 40% higher Q-factors than the best thin film counterparts. High Q is required to minimize insertion loss in RF antenna impedance matching circuits, making the 016008C Series ideal for high frequency applications such as cell phones, wearable devices and LTE or 5G IoT networks.


Communications and Power Industries
X-Band Solid-State Power Amplifier

CPI’s VSX3717 is an air or liquid cooled 4.0 kW X-Band solid-state power amplifier optimized for pulse radars. X-Band solid-state power transmitters are efficient, high-power and compact with proven GaN transistor technology. CPI’s VSX3717 solid-state power amplifier is rugged, reliable and easy to maintain. The VSX3617 solid-state transmitter is designed for use in radar applications and covers the 9 to 10 GHz frequency band.


COMSOL Multiphysics® Version 6.1

Version 6.1 of COMSOL Multiphysics® is now available. Major upgrades to platform features (the Model Builder, Application Builder and Model Manager) as well as to many add-on products, bring additional physics interfaces, new simulation tools and enhanced workflows. There are new modeling capabilities for application areas such as turbulent and multiphase flow, thermal management of battery packs, acoustic simulation of micro speakers, electric motor design, mechanical contact, optimization and more. Check out the release highlights to see what’s new.


Non-magnetic RF Connectors

Connectronics can modify its extensive product line of 6,000 RF connectors to feature non-magnetic and cryogenic qualities critical to quantum computing applications. These high frequency, coaxial RF connectors are U.S. manufactured with base material and plating finish combinations that minimize magnetic signature. Connectronics delivers connectivity solutions, ensuring no interference with quantum computing’s applied magnetic fields. The company produces a complete range of RF connectors in large and small quantities, including unique and hard-to-find connectors. Visit Connectronics at IMS booth 515.


Copper Mountain Technologies
Frequency Extender Modules

Copper Mountain Technologies and Eravant have partnered to deliver co-branded frequency extender modules. Anchored by CMT’s 9 GHz CobaltFx compatible VNAs, CMT offers a cost-effective frequency extension system with options for adjustable and high output power. Complete the system with a calibration kit and accessories, like the Wave Glide™ rail system for an easy-to-use setup, Waveguide Quick Connect™ for streamlined calibration and Proxi-Flanges™ to facilitate a more accurate test setup.


Crane Aerospace & Electronics
RF Converter Miniaturization Using Multi-Mix®

Our multilayer Multi-Mix technology provides a miniature footprint with maximum flexibility and performance. Key benefits include a 5x to 10x reduction over traditional converters with packages less than 5 × 2 × 0.5 in., multi-layer Multi-Mix motherboard with double-sided SMT populated in a lightweight housing frame that provides excellent RF channelization and isolation, four integrated coherent wideband synthesizers, embedded pre-select frequency filters and fast tuning and settling times. Let us meet your most complex RF converter needs.


CTT Inc.
Multi-Mode Radar Solutions

CTT’s GaN-based solid-state power amplifier (SSPA) Model AGN/095-6064 can operate from 9 to 10 GHz, in 500 MHz band segments, with 1 kW pulse power output at 5% duty cycle (100 μSec pulse width). The compact SSPA, measuring 6.17 × 4.36 x 0.82 in., is an excellent solution for your multi-mode radar applications. Type “N” or waveguide output options. Export license may be required.