The following booth numbers are complete as of April 12, 2012.

APA Wireless

APA Wireless
Booth 112
4200 to 4600 MHz of Bandwidth

Running 128QAM and starving for bits? You need the phase noise that only APA’s Physics Based Technology can provide. Fundamental mode operation, 400 MHz of continuous bandwidth, best-in-class phase noise within the 4 to 5 GHz band and linear tuning that won’t wreck your loop dynamics. Fully characterized over the industrial temperature range, phase hit free and 100 percent factory tested ensures every bit you send is “in the clear.”

Laser Services

Laser Services
Booth 215
Circuit and Material Laser Cutting

Stop by booth #215 to learn about Laser Services and its one-stop job shop that includes laser cutting of your EMI and bonding materials and solder damming in circuits using laser ablation. The company also has an extensive inventory of ceramic substrate, frozen epoxies, and adhesives that can be custom cut or drilled for just-in-time delivery.


Booth 301
RF Assembly Services and Supply Center

Stop by booth #301 to learn about SemiGen and its RF/microwave hybrid assembly and testing, automated PCB manufacturing capabilities and semiconductor diodes and capacitor products. The company recently opened an eCommerce RF Supply Center, which is fully stocked with some of the most popular bonding supplies, adhesives and epoxies ready for just-in-time delivery.


Anoison Electronics
Booth 310
Coaxial Terminations

Anoison Electronics announces that it has expanded its product offering to include a full line of RF coaxial terminations. In addition to standard SMAs, 7/16, QMAs, SMPs, and Ns in both male and female configurations, it also offers high performance QNs (HPQN), high performance TNCs (TNCA), and 2.92s (SMK). Male SMAs and Ns are also available as Push-Ons.

Copper Mountain Technologies

Copper Mountain Technologies
Booth 317
Virtual Vector Reflectometer

Copper Mountain Technologies introduces a new class of vector network analyzer, the virtual vector reflectometer PLANAR R54, operating in frequencies from 85 MHz to 5.4 GHz. Portable and lightweight, R54 is powered and operated via a single USB interface by external PC. Comparable to industry leaders, but at a fraction of the cost, R54 is ideal for use on DUTs in the field accurately and without the use of testing cables.

Planar Monolithics Industries

Planar Monolithics Industries
Booth 403
Log Video Amplifier

PMI model SDLVA-8G18G-40-5-SFF is an 8 to 18 GHz successive detection log video amplifier that is supplied in a ruggedized, hermetically sealed housing that measures only 1.2" L × 0.85" W × 0.4" H. This model operates on a single +5 V DC supply and consumes less than 130 mA of current. It is highly temperature compensated such that the log linearity is better than ±1 dB over the temperature range of -54° to +85°C. This model has a logging range of -40 dBm to 0 dBm with an output log video voltage of 10 mV to 2.25 V. This model features a fast rise/fall time of 25 ns/30 ns and a recovery time of less than 40 ns.

Renaissance Electronics

Renaissance Electronics
Booth 500
Ultra High Power Circulator

Renaissance’s latest ultra high power circulator is designed for VHF, cellular and military communication applications and is robust enough to handle harsh environments. Learn more about it here:,

IKE Micro

IKE Micro
Booth 501
Build to Print Manufacturing

For over 30 years, IKE Micro has been providing precision build to print manufacturing of RF/ microwave packages and modules. Latest model automated die attach, wire/ribbon wedge bonding, ball bonding, and top notch manual assemblers insure repeatable results. IKE targets mid to large sized production runs, serving the defense and commercial markets. ISO Certified and ITAR Registered.

Bonding Source

Bonding Source
Booth 503
Epoxy Pre-Forms

Bonding Source offers quick delivery epoxy pre-forms to its defense and commercial customers and has complete storage and handling control with its in-house laser cutting capability. Bonding Source also stocks epoxy pastes and film, bonding wire and tools and accessories. Bonding Source has served over 500 customers worldwide.

JQL Electronics

JQL Electronics
Booth 508
Circulator and Isolator

JQL Electronics Inc. introduced a new series of drop-in circulator and isolator with ultra low intermodulation performance at -90 dBc max, designed for LTE. The new model series of drop-in circulator and isolator covers all 25 LTE bands with typical insertion loss of 0.18 dB, isolation and return loss of 23 dB.

IW Microwave

IW Microwave
Booth 509
Cables and Assemblies

IW’s Re-Flex™ cables have been tested to more than 24,000 bends with no electrical or mechanical degradation. These cables were designed to offer an alternative to standard semi-rigid and conformable cables. They have the same leakage characteristics and mechanical dimensions as standard semi-rigid cable. Stock assemblies use SMA plugs. Other connector styles are available. Standard cable diameters are RF .047", .085", .141" and .250".  An FEP jacket is also provided upon request.

RLC Electronics

RLC Electronics
Booth 510
Waveguide Switches

RLC Electronics’ electromechanical waveguide switches offer a compact design utilizing a proprietary non-contacting actuator mechanism that requires low current. These units are available in SPDT and transfer configurations, manual or re-mote, with a choice of coil voltages and optional indicator contacts. Solid state de-energizing circuiting insures high reliability and is available with common positive, common negative and TTL control options. A precision machined waveguide transition assembly is combined with coaxial switch technology to produce a device that features the low current and fast switching time of a coaxial switch with waveguide inputs and outputs.


Times Microwave
Booth 514
Coaxial Cables

PhaseTrack® coaxial cables are now available in standard flexible, low smoke flexible, in-the-box flex and semi-rigid versions. Exhibiting superior phase performance with temperature changes, they eliminate the common “phase knee” found in PTFE-based cables. Systems requiring phase stable or phase tracking interconnects will benefit from the performance offered by the Times PhaseTrack products, which offer superior absolute phase performance, with tracking better than 50 ppm, and low insertion loss and VSWR characteristics.

Emerson Connectivity Solutions

Emerson Connectivity Solutions
Booth 601
QPL Attenuators

Emerson Connectivity Solutions’ Midwest Microwave product line of Qualified Parts List (QPL) attenuators are qualified, manufactured and tested to the strict requirements of the MIL-DTL-M3933 product specification. The company’s QPL line of M3933/14, /16, /17 and /25 SMA and TNC attenuators are ruggedly constructed to meet performance needs in the harshest of military environments. To service your delivery needs, Emerson strives to make most dB values available in short lead times or even off the shelf, for the most common values.

Mercury Computer Systems

Mercury Computer Systems
Booth 618
Echotek Series Tuner

The Echotek Series RFM-251-XMC tuner from Mercury is engineered for applications that require RF tuning and data conversion flexibility within a compact slot-saving package. Tuning over a broad frequency range and then converting to digital IF, this XMC delivers the functionality required for applications that must operate under SWaP-constrained platforms. The RFM-251-XMC tuner supports a broad frequency range from 20 to 2500 MHz.  This coverage is ideal for intercepting frequencies associated with a wide range of communication bands.


Booth 709
Surface-Mount Delay Lines

Anaren’s new surface-mount delay lines use a slow wave coupling structure that maximizes the amount of delay per unit area over other distributed delay structures. These delay lines can be used in amplifier linearization applications or in the main loop of feed forward and pre-distortion amplifiers. They are low cost, high quality alternatives to the traditional coaxial and filter solutions presently available. Moreover, parts have been subjected to rigorous qualification testing and units are 100 percent tested. Available in RoHS-compliant finishes.


APECS Ceramic Solution
Anaren Precision Etched Ceramic Substrates (APECS)from Anaren Ceramics Inc. can be combined with standard thick film technology to create a highly integrated, more cost-effective solution while improving overall substrate yield.  The process also allows for integrate components, as APECS substrates accept embedded precision resistors, Lange couplers and capacitors into the substrate itself, rather than applying discrete components using the more labor-intensive, less-consistent traditional component-mounting approach.

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies
Booth 715
Push-On Connector Lines

CarlisleIT has added two new connector lines to its push-on family – the TMP® and WMP® series. The TMP family was designed to provide higher power handling capacity for Radar applications, while the WMP line provides the smallest form factor for space restricted applications. Both connector series provide the benefits of a push-on interface – i.e., simple connection and ease of use in dense package configurations – and include PCB mount, field replaceable, microwave cable, and custom connectors.

Delta Microwave

Delta Microwave
Booth 722
TCDL Diplexer

The model Ku5939Ku-Band TCDL Diplexer has passbands from 14.4 to 14.83 GHz and 15.15 to 15.35 GHz with less than 1.6 dB insertion loss in each of the channels in a compact 3.8" × 2.75" × 0.5" package. The unit shown has SMP Male connectors but is also available with SMA Female connectors under model number Ku5937.  The maximum VSWR is 1.5:1 and the minimum channel-to-channel isolation is 110 dB. Either channel can handle +40 dBm at 40,000 feet.


Pivotone Communication Technologies
Booth 726
Passive Components

Pivotone designs and manufactures RF and microwave passive components up to 50 GHz in frequency. The company operates from an ISO9001:2008 facility in an ISO14000 business park in Wuxi, China – about 100 km from Shanghai center.  A full range of products is offered including: filters, diplexers, combiners, hot standby couplers, loads, dielectric resonator filters, TMA for cellular applications and adapters, with passive and active involved (LNA monitoring communication card, etc. for the RF devices and modules).


Anritsu Co.
Booth 807
Network Analysis System

Anritsu Co. will be showcasing its new VectorStar® Waveguide-Band Vector Network Analysis System. This follows-on from the highly successful coaxial 70 kHz to 125 GHz Broadband Vector Analysis System. Available for E, and W-Band, it uses the same industry-leading nonlinear transmission line technology contained in the broadband system providing the same advantages of compact size, performance and stability. A wide range of applications is covered, including E-Band communications, automotive radar, imaging radars, on-wafer semiconductor measurements and materials research.

M/A-Com Technology Solutions

M/A-COM Technology Solutions
Booth 815
Smartset Chipset

M/A-COM Technology Solutions will showcase its broad portfolio of products across 38 product lines. New product releases include M/A-COM Tech’s 42 GHz Smartset Chipset for point-to-point wireless backhaul and GaN Smart Pallets for aerospace and defense radar applications.  Also featured are a new set of standard catalog products including LNA, VGA, GPA and power detectors in ultra small packages for multimarket applications.

Booth 907
Design Software

ANSYS will demonstrate new features in HFSS™, the industry standard software for RF and microwave design. Learn how HFSS can solve your largest electromagnetic field simulations using advanced simulation techniques including domain decomposition, hybrid finite element/boundary integral, physical optics and high-performance computing. See the new HFSS ECAD option that allows you to operate HFSS from the ANSYS DesignerRF layout or from within the Cadence® software tools. These new advanced features deliver a comprehensive Simulation Driven Product Development environment.

TRU Corp

TRU Corp.
Booth 924
Cable Assemblies

TRU Corp. introduces a new standard in high performance, enhanced durability cable assemblies. TRUcore™ 300 offers superior resistance to crushing, kinking and twisting of the cable without the need for any additional external armoring. This saves weight and cost while enhancing flexibility. The unique expanded PTFE core of the cable provides excellent phase and thermal stability. The assemblies are available with stainless steel SMA, Type N and ATNC interfaces for broadband DC to18 GHz performance.

Agilent Technologies

Signal Analyzer
The Agilent EXA X-Series now has extended frequency coverage to 44 GHz – and up to 325 GHz with external mixing – making it the most cost-effective millimeter-wave signal analyzers on the market. Their exceptional sensitivity, < -140 dBm/Hz across the V-Band with smart harmonic mixers, enables accurate measurement of spurs and harmonics. Along with their excellent phase noise of -106 dBc/Hz typical (10 kHz offset at 1 GHz), EXA Series analyzers can meet the tighter regulations and test requirements for millimeter-wave device design and performance in aerospace and defense and wireless communications. The model N9010A-E32 provides frequency coverage up to 32 GHz and the model N9010A-E44 up to 44 GHz.

Agilent Technologies

Handheld RF Analyzers
Agilent enhances the FieldFox handheld RF analyzer family by adding two new options, time domain analysis (Option 010) and a built-in channel power meter (Option 311). The built-in power measurement capability provides a simple and cost effective approach to power measurements without the need for a USB power sensor. Using time domain and gating, you can test devices such as transmission lines, fixtures and connectors to characterize device discontinuities and identify impedance variations. Both options can be added to new units or existing customers can purchase as a software upgrade.

Agilent Technologies

PIM Test Solution
Agilent Technologies introduces a new test solution for passive intermodulation (PIM) of passive components for wireless communication industries. The innovative solution with the E5072A ENA series network analyzer combines both PIM and S-parameter tests with a single connection of devices under test to achieve measurement capabilities that are flexible, fast and accurate. With high receiver sensitivity of the E5072A, the solution offers measurements of extremely low PIM products, with levels of -170 dBc or better.

Auriga Microwave

Auriga Microwave
Booth 1122
Component Test System

Auriga’s turn-key, fully-automated, component test system radically changes the dynamics of complex, RF measurements. CTS-3, the company’s third generation custom test system, is a fully-automated, component test system that provides a single-connection, multiple measurement architecture used in both low-volume and high-volume manufacturing of high-frequency commercial and military modules and MMIC devices, such as transmit and receive modules (T/R), LMDS and MMDS, CPE, and base station testing.

OML inc

OML Inc.
Booth 1126
Harmonic Mixers

OML offers harmonic mixers and standard gain horn antennas for testing compliance according to FCC Part 15 regulations on transmitters operating in the 10 to 100 GHz spectrum. Per FCC 15.33, four waveguide bands (WR-19, WR-12, WR-08 and WR-05) enable measurements of the highest fundamental up to the fifth harmonic (or to 200 GHz). Standard gain horn antennas (+24 dBi) also satisfy ANSI C63.4, C63.5 and C63.10. This solution is compatible with most high performance spectrum analyzers offering optional external mixer capabilities (e.g., Agilent PXA).


Booth 1129
Lab Brick Test Equipment

Stop by booth 1129 to check out Vaunix’s Lab Brick family of low cost USB powered digital attenuators, LSG and LMS Signal Generators, and their latest LSW Series Switch that offers reliable, high isolation and low cost solid state switching in both SPDT and SP4T configurations. Solutions up to 20 GHz are detailed at

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation
Booth 1201
Dual-Band Amplifiers

With AR’s dual-band amplifiers, you have freedom like never before. You pick the power from 5 to 80 W.  You pick the bandwidth from 0.7 to 8 GHz, 0.7 to 10.6 GHz or 0.7 to 18 GHz. AR puts it together for you in one package that costs less, weighs less and takes less space than two separate amplifiers.


Booth 1210
Single FEM

The RFMD RFFM4501 provides a complete integrated solution in a single FEM for WiFi 802.11a/n/ac systems. Its small footprint and integrated matching minimizes the layout area in the customer’s application and reduces the number of external components. This translates to reduced BOM, footprint and manufacturing costs. The RFFM4501 integrates a PA, SPDT, LNA with bypass, and a power detector coupler for improved accuracy. It meets or exceeds the RF Front End needs of IEEE 802.11a/n/ac WiFi RF systems.

Maury Microwave

Maury Microwave
Booth 1215
Measurement and Modeling Solutions

Maury Microwave will be demonstrating state-of-the-art measurement and modeling solutions including: a patent-pending noise parameter system, a pulsed
IV/S-Parameter and compact modeling system, a hybrid-active harmonic loadpull solution based on the PNA-X, and a patented mixed-signal active loadpull system capable of up to 1000 impedance/power measurements per minute and 120 MHz of instantaneous impedance control. Maury’s component division will showcase its new Stability line of amplitude- and phase-stable cable assemblies as well as calibration kits, metrology and instrument-grade adapters and test essentials.

Ruggedized Cable Assemblies
Maury Microwave’s Stability™ series sets the standard for high-performance ruggedized cable assemblies. Designed specifically for phase-stable and amplitude-stable applications, Stability offers excellent measurement repeatability even after cable flexure. With a ruggedized, durable construction, Stability will outlast and outperform other assemblies resulting in a reduced total cost-of-test. Stability’s light weight, superior flexibility and small form factor make it ideal for daily use with VNAs, test instruments, bench-top testing and ATE systems.

Virginia Diodes inc.

Virginia Diodes Inc.
Booth 1228
VNA Extension Modules

VDI’s VNA extension modules provide high performance frequency extension of VNAs into the THz range. Models are currently available that cover 50 GHz to 1.1 THz and combine high test-port power with superb dynamic range to offer unparalleled performance. For instance, at WR1.5 (500 to 750 GHz) typical dynamic range is 100 dB with -25 dBm test port power.  The modules are compatible with all modern network analyzers. Contact VDI to discuss configurations that will yield the best performance for your application.


Booth 1300
Ultra Low Noise OCXO

The 10 MHz OX-204 is an ultra low noise OCXO achieving phase noise performance of -135 dBc/Hz at 10 Hz offset and -175 dBc/Hz at 100 KHz offset. The OX-204 has exceptional ADEV at 0.5 e-12 at 1 sec tau and low long term stability of 100 ppb/year. The temperature stability is impressive at ±20 ppb over the temperature range of -40° to +85°C. This is all achievable in a compact 25 × 25 mm enclosure.

K and L Microwave

K&L Microwave
Booth 1309
Narrowband Cavity Filter

From K&L Microwave’s new CS series, this 3-section narrowband cavity filter has a center frequency of 1217.2 MHz with an equiripple bandwidth of 2.3 MHz minimum, yielding an insertion loss of 3 dB maximum. The out-of-band attenuation for this 3-pole filter is 52 dB minimum from DC to 1200 MHz and 46 dB minimum at 1230 MHz. VSWR is less than 1.5:1 over the passband.  The size of this part is 5.7" × 5.3" × 3." SMA female connectors are shown, with other standard connector types available. The CS series of filters is excellent for narrowband applications where low insertion loss is required in the mid-band areas. Typical lead time is 5 to 6 weeks ARO.

National Instruments

National Instruments
Booth 1315
Vector Signal Analyzer

Engineers are looking for a faster, smaller, more cost-effective solution than classic rack-and-stack options. Compare the speed and performance of NI PXI products to traditional boxed instruments. Experience the power of the NI PXIe-5665, 14 GHz RF vector signal analyzer in this video:


Booth 1425
Low Noise Amplifier

The JDMW series of low noise amplifiers can cover the full 18 to 21 GHz Satellite Communications band. This series of LNAs are lightweight (less than 23 grams) and are hermetic making them an easy choice for extreme environments. The small size (1.18" × 0.87"  square) and low power dissipation of less than a watt (12 V DC at 75 mA) make for versatile mounting locations in any application. This unit has a noise temperature of 97 K (1.25 dB NF) and 30 dB of gain at +25°C. The full operating temperature range is -30° to +65°C with a power output (at 1 dB) of +8 dBm. Optional RF input limiters, DC power connections and waveguide flanges are also available.

Skyworks Solutions

Skyworks Solutions Inc.
Booth 1507
SPDT Switches

The 50 W SKY12207-478LF (0.9 to 4 GHz) and SKY12208-306LF (0.02 to 2.7 GHz), and the 100 W SKY12210-478LF (0.9 to 4 GHz) switches deliver low insertion loss, excellent power handling, superb linearity with low DC power consumption and high antenna-to-receive isolation for T/R and failsafe switching in TDD-LTE, TD-SCDMA base stations, repeater and low frequency military radios.  They are available in small 4 × 4 × 1.5 mm, 16-pin QFN packages.

Synergy Microwave Corp

Synergy Microwave Corp.
Booth 1600, 1601
High Frequency Oscillator

The HFSO1000-5 is an ultra-low phase noise oscillator that can be phase locked for single frequency applications as reference frequencytranslators for instrumentation and radar markets. These products are vital for carrier signal sources in radar and as clocks in high speed ADC in DDS synthesizers. This voltage tuned oscillator offers significant noise floor improvement over multiplied crystal oscillator solutions employed today.

Synergy Microwave Corp

High Resolution Synthesizer
This ultra wide band (400 to 1100 MHz) small surface-mount synthesizer model MTS2500-40110-10 delivers a powerful performance. This small 1.95" × 1.25" surface-mount synthesizer delivers step size resolution down to 1 Hz. A low “close-in” phase noise (-105 dBc/Hz at 1 KHz, -106 dBc/Hz at 10 KHz offset, and -115 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz), a powerful buffered output (+8 dBm minimum), and a fast settling time (< 6 msec. within 10 Hz).

Herley General Microwave

Herley General Microwave
Booth 1607
Indirect Synthesizer

Herley General Microwave presents its model SF6218 – a state-of-the-art Fast Indirect Synthesizer designed to meet the high performance requirements of today’s most demanding airborne, naval and ground electronic warfare systems. In addition, model SF6218 can also serve as a cost effective signal source for use in ATE and BIT applications. Its fast settling time, very low phase noise and wide frequency coverage are based upon a proprietary design utilizing high performance VCOs and DDS resulting in model SF6218 setting a new standard for performance-to-cost value.

Computer Simulation Technology

Computer Simulation Technology
Booth 1615
Project Management Software

Version 2012 of CST STUDIO SUITE benefits from a new project management environment “System Assembly and Modeling” (SAM) which simplifies the management of simulation projects. SAM helps engineers to compare the results of different model configurations within one simulation project.  A linked sequence of solver runs can also be initiated. All simulations and links can be defined in SAM to enable for example a seamless multiphysics work flow.

Hittite Microwave Corp.,

Hittite Microwave Corp.
Booth 1701
PLL with Integrated VCO

PLLs with Integrated VCOs are used throughout modern high performance communication systems. Hittite recently released a new 25 to 6000 MHz HMC833LP6GE PLL with integrated VCO for use as an LO in a transceiver.  This device has a maximum phase detector frequency of 100 MHz in fractional mode and 125 MHz in integer mode. Floor figure of merit (FOM) is -227 dBc/Hz in fractional mode and -230 dBc/Hz in integer mode.  At 2 GHz, its LO achieves -114 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset. Hittite Microwave Corp. will show the benefits of using its new LO in a communication system demonstration.

Hittite Microwave Corp.,

Clock Generator
Hittite recently released a new 125 to 3000 MHz HMC1034LP6GE clock generator for use with ADC, DAC, FPGA, DSP and processor clocking applications. Hittite’s clock generator noise floor is typically -165 dBc/Hz. Also recently released is the company’s HMC1031MS8E clock generator that can be used with a low-cost VCXO to convert a typical 10 MHz input reference to an output of up to 500 MHz. This then provides an ideal reference input for an LO or clock generator. Hittite Microwave Corp. will show the benefits of using its new clock generation device in a communication system demonstration.

Florida RF Labs

Florida RF Labs
Booth 1704
Stranded Center Conductor

Florida RF Labs’ Lab-Flex S Family is a stranded center conductor version of its popular Lab-Flex product. It offers high flexure rates, increased durability and improved electrical stability over the solid center conductor designs and is especially well-suited for test set-ups as well as radar and antenna systems that require coaxial interconnects that are being subjected to constant motion. Designs up to 65 GHz.

EMC Technology

EMC Technology
SMA Coaxial Attenuators

EMC Technology has released the new 42 W series of high performance precision SMA coaxial attenuators. This product expands the company’s current offering of coaxial products out to 18 GHz and is offered in values from 0 to 30 dB. In EMC tradition, this product is offered in commercial or high reliability versions. EMC coaxial attenuators are manufactured with a stainless steel body and standard SMA male/female interface. The rugged construction of these devices ensures reliability and continuous performance in the most demanding environments.

Analog Devices

Analog Devices
Booth 1725
RF Driver Amplifier

ADI’s booth will spotlight complete system solutions and demos of new offerings, including RF/IF amplifiers, frequency synthesizers and data converters, including the industry first ADL5324 half-watt RF driver amplifier with dynamically adjustable bias and extended temperature range for wired and wireless applications. In addition, ADI will demo the ADRF660x series of mixers and ADRF670x series of modulators, which achieve a breakthrough level of integration, enabling LTE and 4G base station manufacturers to realize an unprecedented 60 percent reduction in board space and a significant savings on bill of materials costs.

CTS Valpey Corp

CTS Valpey Corp.
Booth 1728
Power Dividers

CTS Valpey Corp.’s is VFPD400 series of 4-way 0º power dividers offer the designer excellent RF performance in a compact 3 × 3 mm QFN. The design is a fully passive monolithic IC that provides extreme part-to-part repeatability. The VFPD400 series is a family of devices that span across the frequency range of 500 MHz to
4 GHz and provide excellent phase and amplitude balance, high isolation, low insertion loss and VSWR.

CTS Valpey Corp

Oven Oscillators
The DFO-S1 is the latest in CTS Valpey Corp.’s line of oven oscillators (OCXO) and it is available in a miniature 9 × 14 surface-mount package. The device offers tight stability (±20 ppb) over the frequency range of 10 to 50 MHz. The DFO-S1 has an HCMOS output, 3.3 V supply voltage and uses significantly lower power
(0.3 W) than the competition. It is ideally used in applications such as base stations, IP timing, femto-cell, LTE, network timing and synchronization.


Booth 1809
GaN Power Amplifiers

The bar has been raised! Millitech now offers differentiating E-Band and W-Band solid-state power amplifiers able to achieve small size and high power never before realizable. From 0.5 W to over 10 Wavailable.

Richardson RFPD

Richardson RFPD
Booth 1818
Electronic Component Distributor

Richardson RFPD is a specialized electronic component distributor providing design engineers with deep technical expertise and localized global design support for the latest new products from the world’s leading suppliers of RF, wireless and energy technologies. At the show, Richardson RFPD will offer a full schedule of presentations relating to new products, design tools and more. Stop by booth #1818 for insight into how you can accelerate time-to-market, find complete solutions, save development costs and, ultimately, improve design performance.

West Bond

West Bond
Booth 1901
Wire Bonder

West Bond Inc. is pleased to present one of the most popular manual machines made today. The 747677E-79 Triple Combination Wire Bonder: Wedge, Ball, and Ribbon. Since 1966, West Bond has been a designer and manufacturer of assembly and test equipment for the microelectronic industry. Including automatic, semiautomatic and manual ESD protected bonders, with ultrasonic, thermosonic, and thermocompression wire/ribbon capability. Included in its product line are eutectic and epoxy die bonders, insulated wire bonders, and pull testers with the company’s patented X-Y-Z, 8/1 ratio micromanipulator.

B&Z Technologies Booth

B&Z Technologies
Booth 1927

B&Z Technologies is pleased to announce it’s new “BZE” series of amplifiers for the EMC measurement market. These new amplifiers are specifically designed to resist damage to the input gain stages that is a common occurrence with amplifiers used for this application. Using “BZE” amplifiers for EMC receive testing will significantly reduce measurement interruptions typically caused by amplifiers damaged by ESD or other out of range signals at the amplifier input. The
BZE-0118-251035-252520 0.1 to 18 GHz amplifier has a 2.3 dB typical noise figure, 35 dB minimum gain, 10 dBm output P1 dB and 2.5:1 VSWR.

Micro-Coax inc

Micro-Coax Inc.
Booth 2024
Self-Locking Connectors

MICRO-COAX introduces Safe-D-LOCK technology that allows SMA, 2.92, 3.5 mm and other threaded connectors to lock against D-flat connectors of the same series. Unlike other solutions that only lock to the cable, Safe-D-LOCK offers resistance to cable installation torque and acceleration forces imparted on the cables. The result is a reliable, locked connection without the addition of adhesives, safety wires or other staking means. Best of all, Safe-D-LOCK’s simplicity allows economical implementation, with few added components and no envelope enlargement.

Teledyne Microwave

Teledyne Microwave
Booth 2115
Broadband Amplifiers

Teledyne Microwave Solution’s new line of medium-power broadband amplifiers is a unique family of performance-based solutions designed for demanding applications. This family covers 20 to 2600 MHz and uses GaN technology. Each amplifier is hermetically sealed and includes multiple RF performance options so engineers can specify standard catalog or custom-tuned performance. The amplifiers include an internal sequencer, assuring application of the proper gate voltage applied to the FET prior to voltage applied to the drain. Higher gain versions include pre-amps, providing excellent noise figure and IP performance. The small package footprint is designed for high performance applications and operates from -40° to +85°C.

Teledyne Storm Products

Teledyne Storm Products
Test Cable

Introducing DuraTest, an extra durable, general purpose 0.180" test cable operating to 26.5 GHz with SMA SP connectors. With the proven toughness of Storm RF cable, captivated stainless steel connectors, and Storm’s proprietary Hard-To-Hurt strain relief technology, DuraTest assemblies have a minimum flex life of 50,000 cycles and provide connector retention of 40 lbs min.  Assemblies available for next day shipment in standard lengths, with any combination of SMA SP and N SP connectors. Phase matching available on request.

Empower RF Systems Inc.,

Empower RF Systems
Booth 2203
Amplifier and Switch Filter Bank

Empower model 2066-BBS3K4AUU delivers 1 kW power over the frequency band 500 to 1000 MHz. The amplifier and switch filter bank that will be on display is constructed within one single 5RU drawer including the forced air-cooling. The system can be configured for 180 to 260 VAC single phase supply or a three phase AC supply.  An embedded web server allows for network management and control via the unit’s Ethernet port connection. A web browser and the unit’s IP address (IPV6) allows ease of access with the benefit of multilevel security.


Booth 2208
Compact Calibration Kits

The combination of all calibration standards in one handy unit is the optimum solution for simple, comfortable handling during the calibration of network analyzers with the methods OSL and OSLT.  The ergonomic arrangement of the components, small size and low weight are appreciated. The company’s 4-in-1 calibration kits include open, short, load and through-line for the complete calibration of a network analyzer with two or more ports. The company’s 3-in-1 calibration kits include all necessary standards for a complete OSL calibration of single port network analyzers.


Booth 2210
Small Form Factor Filters

Reactel will feature a line of small form factor filters that are suitable for densely populated boards, portable systems or any application where size is at a premium. These tiny units are available in discrete component, ceramic, cavity or combline designs. With profiles as low as 1/8" these robust units pack all of the performance of their larger counterparts into a much smaller package. They are available across a frequency range of 100 MHz to 20 GHz with bandwidths of 5 to 100 percent and are available in 4 to 12 sections.


Booth 2219
PIM White Paper

Stop by booth #2219 and pick up a copy of San-tron’s latest white paper, “Minimizing PIM Generation From RF Cables and Connectors.” Thisis an extremely practical white paper on passive intermodulation (PIM), its effects on modern communication systems, and how it can be minimized in high-frequency cables, connectors and cable assemblies.


Booth 2236
Combiners and Directional Couplers

Werlatone’s high power combiners and directional couplers include a new product line, supporting a full 20 to 1000 MHz bandwidth. The new, low loss combiners address power requirements ranging from 10 to 500 W CW and tolerate severe power unbalances, while maintaining excellent port-to-port isolation. The company’s new line of dual-directional couplers provides a low loss solution for broadband amplifier manufacturers seeking non-connectorized couplers at the module level or connectorized components at the amplifier output. These broadband units are a perfect fit for military and commercial applications.


Booth 2305
Bidirectional High PowerFixed Attenuator

This new convection cooled design operates from DC to 6 GHz frequency range with power handling up to 200 W average (Bidirectional) and 10 kilowatt peak (5 µsec pulse width; 1 percent duty cycle). Model 251 is designed to meet environmental requirements of MIL-DTL-3933 and is RoHs complaint.  Available in 10, 20, 30 and 40 dB values with a choice of Type N male/female connector combinations. Other electrical specifications include VSWR of 1.20 maximum and a deviation over frequency of ±1.5 dB (maximum) across the operating frequency band.

International Manufacturing Services

International Manufacturing Services
Booth 2310
Resistive Splitters

International Manufacturing Services Inc. (IMS)announces the availability of the IPS Series – wideband two, three and four-way resistive splitters. The two-way (6 dB) resistive splitter functions optimally from DC to 20 GHz with accuracy starting at ±0.5 dB while the three-way (9.5 dB) and four-way (12 dB) splitters function from DC to 7 GHz with accuracy starting at ±0.7 dB. These devices are available for surface- mount, microstrip or wirebond. Rated power is as high as 3 W.

State of the Art

State of the Art
Booth 2325
Chip Resistors

State of the Art Inc. (SOTA) announces its Z Termination line of miniature, high reliability chip resistors. The resistors range in size from 0402 (0.040" × 0.020") to 2512 (0.025" × 0.025"), with tolerances from 0.1 percent, power ratings from 50 to 1500 mW temperature coefficients of resistance as low as 25 ppm, and voltage ratings from 30 to 200 V. The operating range for these resistors is from -55° to +125°C. The Z Termination is a gold over nickel finish which can be attached with solder, conductive epoxy or gold wire bonds.

LPKF Laser & Electronics

LPKF Laser & Electronics
Booth 2409
UV Laser System

Create PCBs on-demand right in the electronic lab with the LPKF ProtoLaser U3. This affordable UV laser system quickly processes a wide variety of material substrates and applications without the use of tools or chemicals, and switches between projects with a little more than a click of the button. From cutting/depaneling any material from flex to fired ceramics, to drilling, skiving, decaping, and direct surface metal etching of the artwork, the ProtoLaser U3 has the ability to process applications that were previously only possible with the help of large and expensive industrial systems.

Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz
Booth 2415
ZNB Network Analyzer

The four-port R&S ZNB models cover the frequency ranges from 9 kHz to 4.5 GHz or 8.5 GHz. Rohde & Schwarz has designed the powerful instruments for demanding applications in the production and development of RF components with multiple ports. Two internal signal sources and a frequency-converting mode enable comprehensive measurements on mixers or amplifiers. Using mixed-mode S-parameter measurements, the R&S ZNB fully characterizes even balanced DUTs such as SAW filters used in mobile phones. Users benefit from the extremely wide dynamic range, short measurement times and exceptionally easy operation.

Rohde & Schwarz

Signal Generator
Rohde & Schwarz has enhanced its R&S SMB100A by adding new frequency options: The analog mid-range signal generator can now handle everything from analog RF to microwave applications. The R&S SMB-B120/B120L and R&S SMB-B140/B140L options (L versions without step attenuator) enable the generator to cover the frequency range from 100 kHz to 20 GHz and 40 GHz, respectively. In the new frequency ranges, the R&S SMB100A still offers a very wide dynamic range of -120 dBm to +14 dBm as standard. New high power options make it possible to achieve an output power of max. +25 dBm.

Networks International Corp

Networks International Corp.
Booth 2418
C-Band Filter/LNA

NIC introduces a ruggedized C-Band filter/LNA for use in eliminating interference caused by navigational communications (radar) of commercial and military aircraft, as well as coastal and marine vessels operating above and below the C-Band. This filter/LNA operates in the 4200 to 4600 MHz band and offers 23 dB gain, low noise figure of 1.1 dB, high selectivity and phase matching as low as ±1° in a hermetically sealed package.

MIcable Inc

MIcable Inc.
Booth 2429
Cable Assemblies

C04 series is highly reliable and cost-effective cable assemblies, ideal for broadband tests and various connections. The triple-shielded cable has rugged construction employing an advanced strain relief system and is equipped with reinforced stainless steel connectors. They are so tough to be qualified for over 20, 000 flex cycles without any change in electrical performance up to 18 GHz. They are available in custom lengths with SMA or N type connectors.  You can rely on C04 for daily test operation to repeatedly connect and disconnect.


Remcom Inc.
Booth 2430
EM Simulation Software

Remcom introduces its XFdtd, a 3D EM Simulation Software for microwave device design and analysis. Whether the application is waveguides, power dividers, filters, or couplers, XFdtd can provide quick, efficient and accurate simulation results. Visit Remcom’s Microwave Application web page for a wealth of examples on power dividers, circulators, Rotman Lens, and Waveguides:

MECA Electronics inc.

MECA Electronics Inc.
Booth 2437
Power Divider/Splitters

New low frequency range 2-, 3-, 4- and 9-way power divider/combiners are optimized for excellent performance across all bands from 5 to 500 MHz. Their rugged construction makes them ideal for all low frequency systems. Always available from stock – four weeks ARO in N and SMA connector configurations. Made in the USA – 36 month warranty.

Communications & Power Industries

Communications & Power Industries
Booth 2438
Power Amplifier

CPI introduces the VSS3610, a high-power S-Band solid-state power amplifier using 1300 W modules, efficiently power combined. The 1300 W peak-power modules utilize state-of-the-art GaN HEMTs for the most compact and efficient design. The VSS3610 is designed to produce a very reliable air-cooled amplifier for mobile radar requirements, including Air Traffic Control radar systems. Standard peak power ranges from 7 to 25 KW (or higher).

Z-Communications Inc

Z-Communications Inc.
Booth 2528
Ultra-Miniature VCO

Z-Communications Inc. introduces the USSP2450-LF for demanding portable radio applications. The ultra-miniature USSP2450-LF generates frequencies between 2400 to 2485 MHz within a control voltage range of 0.5 to 2.5 V DC making it enticing for PLL designs needing a low cost, high quality performance VCO in the 2.4 GHz ISM band. This oscillator measures a mere 0.2" × 0.2" × 0.07"and provides an SSB spectral purity of -82 dBc/Hz, typically, at 10 kHz while only drawing 6 mA of current from a 2.7 V DC supply.

Ophir RF

Ophir RF
Booth 2602
RF Amplifier

This class A RF power amplifier operates in a frequency range from 2 to 6 GHz and offers 100 W minimum output power. This is the perfect choice for test measurement systems needing high power in the smallest commercially available package possible. This RFPA is backed by a three year warranty and Ophir RF’s commitment to total customer satisfaction.

CIAO Wireless

Ciao Wireless
Booth 2606
Broadband Amplifiers

Ciao Wireless introduces its line of high power, broadband amplifiers covering 0.5 to 20 GHz, 1 to 20 GHz, 2 to 20 GHz, and 2 to 22 GHz with Output Power Levels up to +30 dBm at 1 dB PT. Various operating voltage levels are available. Delivery is two to four weeks ARO & Ciao can customize any unit to meet your exact gain, noise figure, VSWR, and size requirements.

Crane Aerospace & Electronics Microwave Solutions

Crane Aerospace & Electronics Microwave Solutions
Booth 2610
Beamforming Networks

Crane Aerospace & Electronics Microwave Solutions offers a wide range of beamforming products for advanced antenna and beam-steering applications. Utilizing lumped element (toroid), stripline or Multi-Mix® technology; frequency ranges from 50 MHz to 26 GHz are supported. Simple two port types to many input and output ports can be provided with the advanced fabrication and test technologies offered. Applications include directional signal reception for intercept applications, radar beamforming for phased array and directional applications and signal geo-location. All designs are custom and tailored to customer’s specific requirements. Exceptional performance is obtained through careful CAD designs and critical process control.

Weinschel Associates

Weinschel Associates
Booth 2616
100 W Attenuators and Terminations

Weinschel Associates introduces a line of 100 W attenuators and terminations designed to improve flexibility for integrators with a new cylindrical body. Supporting a wide range of attenuation values (up to 30 dB in a bidirectional configuration and from 40 to 50 dB in a unidirectional design), the standard WA26 attenuator and WA1432 termination operate over the dc to 4 GHz frequency band with extended frequency operation up to 10 GHz available. The new body design enhances the ability for this attenuator/termination to interface seamlessly with cable configurations where a rectangular body might complicate mounting.

Sonnet Software

Sonnet Software
Booth 2702
Sonnet Suites Release 13

Visit Sonnet’s booth for a free 20-minute, hands-on training class featuring its Sonnet Suites Release 13. Take a class and receive a complimentary Sonnet LitePlus license ($495 value). The Sonnet Suites Release 13 features up to 3X faster analysis for large circuits, diagonal ports and components, smart via array meshing, and enhanced integration to Sonnet’s EDA partners.

Tecdia Inc

Tecdia Inc.
Booth 2806
Dual Function Chip

Combining a SLC capacitor and thin film resistor on a single ceramic chip is a Tecdia innovation that pays big dividends. The IRC or integrated resistor and capacitors are available in a variety of sizes and values to help engineers shrink designs, improve installation efficiency and lower material cost with superb quality. These parts can be customized to your specific application. Visit booth #2806 to discover this and other space saving designs for your demanding applications.

Southwest Microwave Inc.,

Southwest Microwave Inc.
Booth 2910
End Launch Connector

Southwest Microwave’s High Performance 1.85 mm End Launch Connector is now offered with a 5 mil diameter launch pin. This high performing connector is designed to provide low VSWR, wideband response up to 67 GHz for single-layer or multi-layer printed circuit boards where the microwave layer is on top. It is ideally suited for high frequency chip set evaluation/demo boards, test fixtures and board characterization. It provides optimum performance when board launch geometry is grounded coplanar (CPWG) or top ground microstrip. The connector requires no soldering, is repairable and reusable.


Booth 2916, 2917
Two-Way Power Divider

The new Narda model 2372A-2 high-power, two-way power divider operates from 500 MHz to 2.5 GHz, handles up to 250 W CW input power (2 kW peak power) and provides exceptional phase and amplitude balance. This unit also operates as a non-coherent 125 Watt-per-signal power combiner. Currently in production, the unit incorporates proprietary high-power, thin-film resistors that ensure broadband impedance matching and high isolation between inputs when used as a combiner rather than a divider. Model 2372A-2 measures just 3.5"× 2.5"× 1".


Two-Way Power Divider
The new Narda model 2382-2 high-power, two-way power divider operates from 500 MHz to 6 GHz, handles up to 250 W CW input power (2 kW peak power) and provides exceptional phase and amplitude balance. This unit also operates as a non-coherent 125 Watt-per-signal power combiner. The unit incorporates proprietary high-power, thin-film resistors that ensure broadband impedance matching and high isolation between inputs when used as a combiner rather than a divider. Model 2382-2 measures just 3.5"× 2.5"× 1".  This unit will be available in late summer 2012.

Holzworth Instrumentation

Holzworth Instrumentation
Booth 2926
Synthesis and Phase Noise Analysis

Holzworth Instrumentation is a global provider of high performance RF synthesis and phase noise analysis products. Holzworth’s broadband (250 kHz to 20 GHz) RF synthesizer module designs are based on a proprietary non-PLL architecture that is optimized for ultimate stability, switching speed and ultra low phase noise performance. Holzworth’s phase noise analyzer products are of the same innovative design philosophy optimized for speed, accuracy and reliability. Exciting new products will be launched at IMS 2012.  Visit the Holzworth booth for a live demo.

Logus Microwave

Logus Microwave
Booth 3006
Waveguide Switch

The LOGUS WR10 ultra-light waveguide switch operates across the 75 to 110 GHz band and boasts a maximum VSWR of 1.20:1, insertion loss of 0.40 dB maximum and a minimum Isolation of 50 dB. The switching time is 50 ms maximum and it is available with indicators, TTL interface control and 3 or 4 Port configurations. The Ultra-Light Series from Logus can be Airborne Application constructed and is also available from WR10 thru WR112 and Double-Ridge WRD180 thru WRD750.

Greenray Industries inc.

Greenray Industries Inc.
Booth 3206

The T72 incorporates a rugged 5 × 7 mm ceramic package and a high performance crystal from Greenray’s  sister company Statek. The T72 offers stability to ±0.2 ppm (-40° to +85°C), g-Sensitivity of ≤2.5 × 10-9/g, a phase noise floor of -155 dBc/Hz (typ.10 MHz), and very low current consumption to 1.9 mA (typ. with clipped sine output). A low g-sensitivity option to ≤7 × 10-10/g is available. The T72 TCXO, available from
10 to 50 MHz, offers clipped sine wave output and 3.3 V supply voltage.

Custom MMIC Design

Custom MMIC Design
Booth 3210
Low Noise Amplifier

Stop by booth #3210 to learn about Custom MMIC’s growing IP design library. Their latest product is a high efficiency GaAs low noise amplifier.  The CMD162 boasts a noise figure of 1.7 dB with a small-signal gain of 22 dB. It reduces typical industry DC power dissipation from approximately 160 mW down to 50 mW.  The simplified design requires only positive drain and gate voltages, thereby eliminating complicated sequencer circuits commonly associated with LNAs in this range.

Charter Engineering Inc

Charter Engineering Inc.
Booth 3217
SP12T RF Switch

CEI model S12P-141518 is a SP12T latching switch with indicator circuitry operating from DC to 13 GHz. The ultra low PIM switch features a –160 dBc minimum 3rd order IM. The S12 series is also offered as a failsafe or normally open switch along with various actuator and mounting options. CEI has been a leading producer of low PIM switches for over 10 years. The low PIM specifications are available with all CEI switches. Delivery: stock to two weeks.

Jackson Labs

Jackson Labs
Booth 3219
Chip Scale Atomic Clock

The CSAC GPSDO is the first commercial Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC) available on the market. Jackson Labs Technologies Inc. teamed with Symmetricom to integrate its Sa.45s CSAC into the CSAC GPSDO module. This technology culminates from decades of research sponsored by the U.S. Government. Thebreakthrough technology allows a Cesium Vapor Cell Atomic Reference Oscillator to be packaged in a unit smaller than legacy products, with more than an order of magnitude in power reduction, while out-performing many industry-standard Atomic Oscillators.

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals
Booth 3220
Radiation Meter

The Narda SRM-3006, the 9 kHz to 6 GHz selective radiation meter, has been specially developed as a frequency-selective measuring system for safety issues in electromagnetic fields. The operating modes are precisely tailored to the applications: Spectrum Analysis, Safety Evaluation UMTS P-CPICH Demodulation, Level Recorder, and Scope. Narda SRM-3006 is a complete measuring system: The SRM-3006 basic unit detects and takes account of antenna and calibration data automatically, eliminating a common source of errors. A further advantage: all measuring antennas in the SRM family are mutually compatible. Antennas from other manufacturers can also be used with the Narda SRM-3006.

Precision Connector Inc.

Precision Connector Inc.
Booth 3303
Semi-Rigid Cable Connectors

Precision Connector Inc. has introduced a new line of precision connectors designed for 0.047 semi-rigid cable. Both 1.85 mm and 2.92 mm male and female connectors are available and have been designed for low VSWR and insertion loss. The 1.85 mm series performs to 65 GHz and the 2.92 mm series performs to 46.5 GHz. Both designs incorporate fully captivated center contacts with rear sockets that accept a pointed cable center conductor, eliminating the need for center contact soldering. A solder ferrule is used to attach the cable outer jacket to the main connector body with a threaded clamp nut.  All bodies are manufactured from passivated stainless steel and contacts and solder ferrules are constructed from gold plated beryllium copper.

Norden Millimeter

Norden Millimeter
Booth 3326
Down Converter

To assist system designers in expanding the frequency capabilities of their systems, Norden engineers have designed and are manufacturing a 24 to 40 GHz down converter with an integrated bypass to provide a single IF output covering the 0.8 to 24 GHz band.  The IF frequency of the down converter is used as the input RF frequency for an ELINT receiver, such as the Norden ELINT receiver. Norden combines multiple assembly technologies with the latest MMIC and packaging technology to reduce size, weight and power, while maintaining superior performance.