Pasternack                  Booth 514
Voltage Variable Attenuators
Pasternack’s portfolio of voltage variable attenuators includes models covering octave broadband frequencies from 400 MHz to 18 GHz while boasting low insertion loss and wide dynamic range. These modules display excellent VSWR over all attenuation levels. CW input power is rated up to +23 dBm and each unit is designed into rugged coaxial packages to meet MIL-STD-202 environmental conditions.




Waveguide Direct Read Attenuators
Pasternack’s direct read attenuators are available in WR-42 to WR-10 waveguide standards operating in seven waveguide bands within the 18 to 110 GHz frequency range. They feature ±2% typical attenuation accuracy and feature an easy-to-read drum scale and military standard UG-style flanges. Minimum attenuation range is 0 to 50 dB with an insertion loss of 0.5 to 1 dB depending on the frequency range.




CTT Inc.     Booth 519
Pulsed and CW SSPAs
GaN-based SSPAs for pulse operation have design criteria somewhat different than those for continuous waveform (CW) operation. CTT’s proprietary designs result in pulse GaN power amplifiers that are compact, reliable and with the ability to be operated in any of three pulse modes, depending on the customer applications, i.e.: radar, data links and UAV.




KRYTAR    Booth 525
Broadband Directional Coupler
0.5 to 20 GHz

New coupler model 152006 offers superior performance ratings including nominal coupling (with respect to output) of 6 dB, ±1 dB and frequency sensitivity of ±1 dB. The directional coupler exhibits insertion loss (including coupled power) of less than 2.1 dB, directivity of greater than 12 dB, maximum VSWR (any port) is 1.35, input power rating is 20 W average and 3 kW peak. The directional coupler comes with industry-standard SMA female connectors. SMA male and N-type female connector options are available. The compact package measures just 4.49 in x 0.53 in x 0.71 in, and weighs only 3.1 ounces. Operating temperature is -54°C to +85°C.


IW Insulated Wire Microwave


IW Insulated Wire Microwave
Products Division       Booth 626

Cable Assemblies
For 2017, IW extends the available range of cable assembly availability for 50 Ω small signal and high power applications and 75 Ω products. 1-5/8 and 7/8 EIA flanges are new for 4806 cable, providing high-power performance to 3 GHz; for 0471, interconnect options are extended with size 20 contacts for multiport configurations, including Micro-D; to support high performance broadcast applications, 75 Ω assemblies with precision N-type and BNC operating to 18 GHz are now available.


SAGE Millimeter Inc


SAGE Millimeter Inc. Booth 640
Frequency Extender for 5G and E-Band Communication

Model STE-SF612-03-S1 is an E-Band frequency extender that uses an input frequency of 10 to 15 GHz at +0 dBm and harmonic generation to produce a 60 to 90 GHz RF signal at +3 dBm. The extender is designed and manufactured to extend low-frequency synthesizers or sweepers without losing their other functionalities. The extender features adjustable legs for an easy test setup. In addition to this model, W-Band frequency extenders are also available.


SAGE Millimeter Inc


Waveguide Diplexer for E-Band Communication
Model SWY-74384355-12-I1 is an E-Band waveguide diplexer with a low passband of 71 to 76 GHz and a high passband of 81 to 86 GHz. The nominal insertion loss of the diplexer is 0.5 dB and the minimum isolation is 55 dB. Since both low and high passband frequencies can be changed by modifying the design, custom designs are available under different model numbers.


Planar Monolithics


Planar Monolithics
Industries Inc.             Booth 701

10 Bit Programmable 50 dB Attenuator
PMI Model No. DTA-18G40G-50-CD-1 is a 10 Bit programmable 50 dB attenuator with step resolution as low as 0.05 dB over the frequency range of 18 to 40 GHz. This model is offered in a slim line housing measuring only 0.5" in height with 2.92 mm female connectors. Other specifications include insertion loss of 8.5 dB typical--measured 10.4 dB, flatness ±1.5 dB typical, attenuation accuracy ±2 dB typical, VSWR of 2.5:1 max--measured 2.27:1 and power handling of +24 dBm CW maximum.




MIcable     Booth 706
T26 Cable Assemblies
T26 series is high reliable and durable test cable up to 26.5 GHz, ideal for high precision and frequent tests. The cable construction is very rugged, which can be qualified by over 150K harsh flex cycles without changes in electrical performance till to 26.5 GHz. T26 series can be built with a wide range of stainless steel connectors, such as 3.5 mm, SMA and N types.




VNA Cable Assemblies
MIcable is providing VNA cable series, which is rugged and flexible test cable for Vector Network Analyzers from frequency through 50 GHz. MIcable VNA test cable assemblies maintains negligible changes of phase and amplitude over flexure to guarantee repeatable and constant operations. Cable was armored with extreme rugged braid and NMD-style connectors are applied to ensure excellent reliability by withstanding repetitive mating, flexure and bending.


AmpliTech Inc


AmpliTech Inc.            Booth 711
100 W Wideband Power Amplifier
The AMTHPA-00700270-100W is a 100 W high gain power amplifier operating in the 0.7 to 2.7 GHz frequency band. The amplifier offers 100 W typical saturated power and 50 dB minimum small signal gain with ±1 dB typ. gain flatness. The amplifier operates from a 32 V DC power supply with a 30% PAE. The connectorized module operates over a temperature range of 0°C to 50°C and is 50 Ohms input and output matched for unconditional stability. The unit comes with built‐in heat sink and fans for efficient cooling.


AmpliTech Inc


API Technologies Corp.                Booth 718
Configurable Octave Band Synthesizers
This synthesizer product platform by API Technologies provides an adaptable design solution for engineers requiring a small surface-mount package and the adaptability to meet a number of varying system configurations. Application-specific changes can be achieved without the need for hardware modifications. This affordable design features low phase noise performance and fast switching speeds.


Ciao Wireless Inc


Ciao Wireless Inc.      Booth 726
1 to 40 GHz AMP with Detected Output
Ciao Wireless Inc. has introduced an ultra-broadband amplifier which features an integrated wideband detector for communication applications. This amp comes with two min gain options of 30 dB min (35 dB typ.) and 15 dB min (20 dB typ.). The gain flatness is ±3.25 maximum. The typical output power is +13 dBm across 1 to 28 GHz. The input and output VSWR is 2.3 or better. The typical noise figure is six across the full band (1 to 40 GHz).




Herotek      Booth 729
Detector for Low Signals
Herotek introduces a new series of detectors for very low signals for direct measurement of microwave signals down to -80 dBm over 1 to 40 GHz. The DTA182670A operates from 18 to 26 GHz with very high sensitivity of 100 mV/mW, TSS of -70 dBm, stable and quite low I/F noise operation and extremely fast pulse response (1 nsec rise time typical). Its max input VSWR is 2:1, is hermetically sealed for military application and has removable connectors for MIC assembly.


Norden Millimeter


Norden Millimeter        Booth 736
Frequency Up and Down Converters
Norden Millimeter is a leader in the design and manufacture of frequency converters, transceivers, frequency multipliers and amplifiers operating in frequencies between 500 MHz to 110 GHz. Norden supplies a wide range of frequency up and down converters which are used in EW and ELINT systems. Custom assemblies can include frequency multiplication, filtering, LNA’s and power amplification. Norden’s products include VME, VPX and 3U configurations. Norden’s quality system is ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100C certified.


National Instruments


National Instruments   Booth 740
Vector Signal Transceiver
Visit NI’s booth #740 to see a demonstration of their second-generation Vector Signal Transceiver (VST) used in applications such as RF power amplifier test, MIMO test and more. This PXI instrument combines an RF signal generator, RF signal analyzer, high-speed digital interface and LabVIEW-programmable FPGA into a single PXI module. This latest VST features up to 1 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth for technologies including 802.11ax, DPD, 5G and radar.




NI AWR     Booth 740
NI AWR Design Environment V13
The latest V13 release of NI AWR Design Environment accelerates product development of RF/microwave circuits and systems. V13 offers new and expanded technology for circuit and system simulation as well as design automation and assistance. Specific enhancements include new capabilities to automate PCB, MMIC and module design flows, expanded design synthesis and addition of import/export of file format standards. V13 also features speed and functionality improvements to its harmonic balance, system-level and EM simulation engines.


NI Microwave Components


NI Microwave Components           Booth 740
QuickSyn X
The QuickSyn X joins the popular QuickSyn line of very fast-switching, very low-noise frequency synthesizers by extending its frequency range down to 250 kHz, making its total operating range 250 kHz to 20 GHz. The QuickSyn X now includes the highly requested amplitude-leveling-control (ALC) feature for users who require power accuracy, and the AM option on the QuickSyn X is calibrated across its entire frequency range, delivering truly instrument-grade quality.


B&Z Technologies


B&Z Technologies      Booth 801
Microwave Amplifiers
B&Z Technologies manufactures a full line of state-of-the-art microwave amplifiers spanning from 100 KHz to 50 GHz. B&Z offers ultra-low noise, high dynamic range, medium power (up to +30 dBm) amplifiers for military, SATCOM and commercial markets. The company’s in-house designing, machining and manufacturing capabilities allow them great flexibility to custom design amplifiers with quick turn-around time with option of waveguide and weatherproof housing. Stock amplifiers are routinely updated on the website along with data and can be shipped within three to five days.


Exodus Advanced


Exodus Advanced
Communications         Booth 805

GaAs Hybrid SSPA Module 
Exodus Advanced Communications announced the release of its Class SSPA model AMP3060--a 32 to 40 GHz, 10 W GaAs Hybrid SSPA Module. It provides 10 W CW Psat over the full band with 4 dB Peak to Peak flatness. Additional features include high reliability and ruggedness along with suitability for all single channel modulation standards. This amplifier is designed for any application that requires wide band coverage such as EMI/RFI, Ka-Band radar, EW and high power millimeter testing.


Holzworth Instrumentation


Holzworth Instrumentation            Booth 835
Real Time Phase Noise Analyzer
The HA7062C real time phase noise analyzer is a dual channel, cross correlation system that was designed to address both the needs of R&D engineering as well as high volume manufacturing. The versatile design can collect data to unprecedented noise floor levels with industry leading data acquisition speeds at the touch of a button. The reconfigurable analog front end eliminates issues common to digital phase noise test systems while boasting numerous extended capabilities.


Integra Technologies Inc


Integra Technologies Inc.             Booth 902
1 KW L-Band Radar Pallet
Integra Technologies, a designer and manufacturer of high-power multi-stage, multi-band RF pallets (up to 2 KW) and transistors (up to 1.4 KW), is proud to feature IGNP1214M1KW-GPS for L-Band radar applications. GaN-SiC, > 1000 W, 50 V, 12.7 dB, 60% at 300 microseconds, 10% pulse conditions. Pallet includes gate biasing and sequencing circuitry for easier system integration. Custom versions of this product (and other VHF/UHF, L, S, C, X-Band standard products) are available upon request.


CPI Beverly Microwave Division


CPI Beverly Microwave Division    Booth 938
High Power, Solid State Power Amplifier
The VSC3645 is a C-Band 4 kW+ modular GaN high power, solid state power amplifier. The HPA operates from 5.2 to 5.9 GHz at 10% duty and has integral air cooling, amplifier health monitoring and designed to be modular building blocks for 16 and 32 kW applications. The VSC3644 is easy to maintain, with high gain, excellent pulse fidelity, and outstanding spectral performance. Applications: maritime, defense and high resolution weather radars.


Besser Associates Inc


Besser Associates Inc.                Booth 942
RF and Wireless Training
Besser Associates is a worldwide leader in RF and wireless training. Besser’s instruction combines theory with hands-on practice, the latest tools and technology and the most appropriate training media (online and traditional classroom) for individualized, meaningful participant experiences. Besser chooses its instructors from the best and brightest in their fields around the world; they carry an average of 20 years of field and applied teaching experience. Courses can be presented on-site and customized to meet the specific needs of the client.


Berkeley Nucleonics


Berkeley Nucleonics Booth 955
Low Phase Noise Signal Generator
The BNC Model 855 is a phase coherent multi-output ultra-fast switching and low phase noise signal generator with frequency ranges from 10 MHz to 6.2, 12.5 or 20 GHz, with excellent phase noise and spurious and harmonic rejection. A high-stability OCXO reference provides excellent frequency accuracy and stability. The Model 855 provides two to eight independent outputs in a 1U or 3U enclosure. Various control interfaces: USB, LAN  or GPIB, and a rich library of APIs are provided.


Wenteq Microwave


Wenteq Microwave     Booth 958
6 to 18 GHz Wide Band Coaxial Circulator
Model F2700-1300-A0 is a wide band SMA connectorized circulator operating over 6 to 18 GHz frequency range. It features 1.5 dB maximum insertion loss, 10 dB minimum reverse isolation and 1.9:1 maximum VSWR. This circulator can handle 10 W of forward CW power. The package size of the circulator is 0.748 in × 0.787 in × 0.512 in and its weight is only one oz.


Times Microwave Systems


Times Microwave Systems          Booth 1001
High Frequency Coax Cable Assemblies
SilverLine®-VNA Flex Supreme™ 50 & 67 GHz are extremely flexible, very high frequency coax cable assemblies designed for vector network analyzer use. The high flexibility is ideal for use with small or delicate circuitry. “Light” armoring helps reduce accidental damage without adding excess weight and/or inhibiting flexibility.  A Nomex®, abrasion resistant outer braid improves feel and handling characteristics.


Mician GmbH


Mician GmbH              Booth 1002
µWave Wizard Version 8.1
Mician, recognized as a leading developer of EM software tools for the analysis, synthesis and optimization of passive components like feeding networks, couplers, multiplexers and horn antennas, including reflectors, will preview the latest release of their hybrid software tool µWave Wizard, version 8.1. The tool combines the flexibility of fast and powerful numerical methods with an appealing and ergonomic GUI that enables flexibility and openness including CAD export formats interfacing with most mechanical design tools.




Werlatone Booth 1005
New High Power In-Line Power Meter
Werlatone’s® RMS Digital In-Line Power Meters allow accurate, instantaneous and simultaneous local and/or remote monitoring and alarm capability. With a 40 dB dynamic range, the power meters provide measurement and alarm capability of forward and reverse power, load VSWR and two external temperature sensors. Includes six general purpose inputs/relays and is powered by AC power adapter or POE. Remote interface through TCP-IP (with SNMP and browser interface via LAN), RS232 and RS485 form addressable serial network. User ID and password protection provides secure, off-site monitoring. Multiple units can be networked and simultaneously monitored.


AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation


AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation           Booth 1014
Single Band Amplifier
AR’s new 40S6G18B is a self-contained, air-cooled, broadband, class A solid-state amplifiers designed for applications where instantaneous bandwidth, high gain and linearity are required. The Model 40S6G18B, when used with a sweep generator, will provide a minimum of 40 W of RF output power instantaneously from 6 to 18 GHz. This single band amplifier is suitable for radiated immunity testing, TWTA replacements and EW applications.


Analog Devices Inc


Analog Devices Inc.   Booth 1032
Digital-to-Analog Converter
Based on 28-nanometer CMOS technology, the AD9172 dual, 16-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC) sets new performance benchmarks in signal bandwidth synthesis, dynamic range and low power consumption. At a total power consumption of only 1.5 W per channel, the converter’s superior analog core achieves spurious-free dynamic range performance of 70 dBc providing the ability to realize Direct-to-RF synthesis within a first Nyquist zone of 6 GHz. The rich-suite of digital signal processing functions moves complex filtering and frequency up-conversion stages from the analog to the digital domain.


Empower RF Systems Inc


Empower RF Systems Inc.           Booth 1041
1 to 2 GHz for Radar, EW and Radiated Susceptibility
Empower RF’s scalable pulsed L-Band amplifier family gives you a lower initial cost and inexpensive upgrade path while offering AGC and ALC operating modes that simplifies your overall system integration by eliminating the need to build your own costly external feedback loop for exciter control. This family offers an inherently rugged design, based on Empower’s patented NEXT GENERATION architecture that virtually eliminates every internal connector.


R&D Interconnect Solutions


R&D Interconnect Solutions         Booth 1057
Invisipin is the world’s first solderable, individual conductive elastomer pin. Invisipin stands apart by allowing unparalleled flexibility and performance with < 25 m Ω contact resistance (typical), high compliance range, RF loss at 50 GHz < 0.45 dB (Coax, 1 pin), socket RF loss < 1.15 dB between 76 to 77 GHz and two amps continuous current capacity. Invisipin offers standard pin configurations of 0.23 mm to 0.64 mm diameter supporting pitches from 0.4 mm to 1 mm. Invisipin is pick and place/solder reflow compatible, infinitely configurable, individually replaceable and 100% electrically tested.


Micro Lambda Wireless


Micro Lambda Wireless                Booth 1101
MLVS-Series Frequency Synthesizers 50 MHz to 20 GHz
Smaller and lower phase noise frequency synthesizer. The first in a series of standard frequency models covering 50 MHz to 20 GHz phase noise at 10 GHz is specified at -124 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset with a switching speed of 10 uSec full band. Standard models are specified to operate over the 0°C to +60°C. This series of frequency synthesizers have been designed in a miniature package with dimensions of 4 in × 3.6 in × 0.9 in tall.


West˙Bond Inc


West˙Bond Inc.          Booth 1110
Wire Bonders
Introducing the most flexible, complete wire bonders system available today. 7KE and 4KE series wire bonders: bonding at 45 degree feed for tail control, 90 degree for ribbon and deep access and ball bonding without changing heads. Wedge bonding Au, Al, Cu; ball bonding Au, Cu, automatic, semiautomatic and manual all ESD protected. Ultrasonic, thermosonic and thermocompression wire/ribbon bonders; eutectic and epoxy die bonders, insulated wire bonders and pull testers.


Anritsu Co


Anritsu Co.                  Booth 1116
Ultraportable mmWave Spectrum Analyzers
The Anritsu Co. Spectrum Master™ MS2760A family features the world’s first ultraportable, mmWave spectrum analyzers. Leveraging Anritsu’s patented state-of-the-art NLTL Shockline technology, the MS2760A shatters the cost, size and performance barriers associated with traditional large form-factor instruments. The MS2760A ultraportable, mmWave spectrum analyzers improve test procedures and lower the cost-of-test in high frequency applications such as 5G, E-Band, 802.11ad/WiGig, satellite communications, electronic warfare and automotive radar.




Kratos        Booth 1140
Indirect Synthesizer
Kratos General Microwave enhanced its family of indirect synthesizers with the addition of the model SM6218 with frequency modulation capability. It can provide a frequency deviation of 1 GHz at up to a 10 MHz rate and can be controlled with either analog or digital inputs. Of special significance; the synthesizer output frequency remains fully locked even while in the FM mode. Its small size and high reliability make it ideal for use in demanding airborne environmental conditions as well as test systems.




Pivotone    Booth 1155
Wide Band Twin TMA Filter Design
Pivotone will feature the new wide band twin TMA filter design at IMS2017. The new TMA filter is capable of handling high-power with a compact size for a wide range of the frequency band. The other characteristics of the product include low PIM, low insertion loss and high Q.


L3 Technologies


L3 Technologies         Booth 1201
RF and Microwave Components, Subsystems and Vacuum Electron Devices
Join L3 Technologies (Narda-MITEQ, Narda-ATM and Electron Devices) in booth 1201 as L3 will showcase the most advanced lineup of RF and microwave components, subsystems and vacuum electron devices. On display will be the extensive lineups from each division with the support staff to answer any questions you have. L3 will be located right inside the show floor across from registration.


L3 Electron Devices


L3 Electron Devices   Booth 1201
80 W Ka-Band MPM
L3’s M1292 MPM provides over 80 W of saturated power and 50 W of linear power in Ka-Band. This amplifier is ideal for defense applications requiring high output power and high efficiency in an ultra-compact, fully airborne-qualified package. Covering both communications and radar bands, this MPM is suitable for communications, radar and EW applications. The M1292 operates from conventional +28 VDC prime power, measures 9.75 in × 8.5 in × 1.5 in and weighs less than eight pounds.




Huber+Suhner             Booth 1207
Plug, Test, Smile with HUBER+SUHNER
When it comes to test and measurement, SUCOFLEX 500 assemblies guarantee the highest level of satisfaction. Not only are they extremely flexible and easy to use, thanks to their unique design, they also deliver best-in-class phase and amplitude stability with flexure, movement, temperature and tensile stress. SUCOFLEX 526V is the only 26.5 GHz VNA microwave cable assembly worldwide with a 50 ppm phase variation vs. temperature in standard test lab environment, guaranteeing accurate measurements with longer calibration intervals.


American Technical Ceramics


American Technical Ceramics   Booths 1212, 1311
RF/Microwave SMT Capacitor
ATC’s new 400 W Series EIA 01005 precision tolerance NPO RF/microwave SMT capacitor offers the tightest tolerances available (± 0.01 pF), greatly reducing the need for end process tuning, adding an extra benefit in reduced manufacturing cost. It is superior for critical tuning applications through millimeter-wave where exact capacitance values and ultra-low loss are required. Ultra-stable performance and reliability make it ideal for a full range of critical tuning applications as well as DC blocking and bypassing applications.


Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations


Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations     Booth 1239
X-Band Pulsed Radar Devices
Sumitomo Electric introduces new devices to its line of high power GaN products for X-Band radar applications. SGM6901VU is a compact two-stage hybrid module SMD with 22 dB gain, 30 W power, ideal as driver or phased array radar element. The SGC0910-300A-R is a 300 W IMFET. These add to the existing line of 50, 100 and 200 W IMFET devices.


Rosenberger North America LLC


Rosenberger North America LLC      Booth 1240
Test and Measurement Equipment
As a renowned supplier of high-quality and high-precision test and measurement equipment and services, Rosenberger of North America highlights its latest developments at the IMS show. The company will have available test and measurement equipment and products for microwave and VNA measurements, such as calibration kits (full and industrial versions), with a wide range of coaxial interfaces, as well as compact calibrations kits such as MSO (open, short, load) and MSOT (open, short, load, thru) versions.


Delta Electronics Mfg. Corp


Delta Electronics Mfg. Corp.         Booth 1247
VITA 67 Product Release
Delta Electronics Manufacturing Corp. introduces 4 position (VITA 67.1) and 8 position (VITA 67.2) RF connector housings designed for 3U and 6U formats within the OpenVPX™ architecture. Ideal for blind mating daughtercards to motherboards, the SMPM RF contacts provide ± .010" radial misalignment tolerance and excellent return loss up to 65 GHz. Precision machined from either stainless steel or aluminum, the 4 and 8 position housings are available with pre-loaded SMPM adapters or a cost effective, direct snap-in, cable mount SMPM contact.


Remcom Inc


Remcom Inc.               Booths 1248, 848
Wireless InSite for 5G MIMO Simulation
Wireless InSite MIMO is a unique ray tracing tool that simulates the detailed multipath of large numbers of MIMO channels. The MIMO capability predicts accurate path data between each transmitting and receiving element with precision and reveals key channel characteristics in a timely manner. With optimizations that minimize runtime and memory constraints, Wireless InSite efficiently simulates even the large arrays present in Massive MIMO systems. Visit Remcom’s booth for a demonstration.




MACOM     Booth 1312
GaN, MMICs, Space & Hi-Rel and Diodes Based Devices
MACOM is leveraging over 65 years of unparalleled design and application expertise, and is committed to delivering industry leading design and applications specific solutions for its customers worldwide. MACOM will showcase its industry leading GaN, MMICs, Space & Hi-Rel and Diodes based devices at IMS2017. MACOM design and application engineers are continuing its legacy and commitment of leadership with next-gen wideband RF solutions for mission-critical applications.


Quest Microwave


Quest Microwave        Booth 1313
Ferrite Devices
Quest Microwave provides a broad range of ferrite devices for the global microwave electronics marketplace. Standard and custom designs are available for both commercial and military applications. With over 60 years of combined experience, the company’s engineering staff can design and develop ferrite devices for virtually any application. They are there to provide you with a world class microwave components solution.


Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH


Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH        Booth 1313
Phase Adjusters DC to 63 GHz
Phase adjusters are needed at applications where the phase adjustment of components or cable assemblies is necessary. Phase adjusters are designed for constant impedance over the whole adjustment range. They are employed to adjust the electrical separation of other components without introducing additional mismatch. All step discontinuities have been carefully compensated. Locking screws are provided to comfort the sliding tension and to lock at the desired adjustment. The best materials have been used for ruggedness, low weight and best performance.


Skyworks Solutions


Skyworks Solutions    Booth 1331
Family of Solutions for Rapidly Growing Small Cell Market
Skyworks Solutions is showcasing its new family of industry leading power efficient amplifiers that meet stringent data rate and power consumption requirements for indoor and outdoor network systems. The SKY6629X amplifiers support the world’s most popular frequency bands and can be incorporated in FDD and TDD 4G LTE, 4.5G and 5G systems, as well as the recently launched Citizen’s Broadband Radio Service (CBRS).


CST of America Inc.


CST of America Inc.    Booth 1332
CST STUDIO SUITE®, its flagship 3D EM software features tools for a wide range of applications. Antenna coupling for the asymptotic solver offers an efficient way to simulate multiple antennas on very large platforms. This feature is especially useful for system integrators because data from a wide variety of sources can be brought together in a single system-level simulation. With the nearfield monitor, users can identify and visualize the coupling paths between antennas, and the Interference Task can identify potential EMC issues caused by co-site interference.


LPKF Laser and Electronics


LPKF Laser and Electronics         Booth 1338
ProtoMat E-Series Rapid PCB Milling System
Reduce your PCB prototype development cycle from days/weeks to only minutes with advanced LPKF PCB milling and direct laser etching equipment. LPKF’s entry level ProtoMat E44 enables production-on-demand processing and conveniently solves complex and diverse design needs. LPKF will also show samples on Flex DuPont Pyralux TK, AP and A1203 fired ceramics completed with the latest ProtoLaser systems. LPKF offers a wide range of high precision PCB milling and laser etching systems that enable super high frequency (SHF) and extremely high frequency (EHF) applications.


Mercury Systems


Mercury Systems        Booth 1341
BGA-based Quad Channel RF Receiver
At just 1.4 in × 1.4 in, this RF receiver is an environmentally sealed device with a BGA interface making it ideal for rugged applications that require a very small form factor. It is ideal for SWaP-constrained EW applications. Features include RF input frequency: 2 to 18 GHz through SMPS connector, high dynamic range, 55 dB typical, input HPF for UHF/VHF rejection, two 32 dB analog variable attenuators and two tunable notch filters, 1.4 in × 1.4 in BGA package and 500 Sn63Pb37 solder balls.


Rohde & Schwarz


Rohde & Schwarz       Booth 1348
FSW Signal and Spectrum Analyzer
Rohde & Schwarz is expanding the internal analysis bandwidth of its R&S FSW signal and spectrum analyzer to 1.2 GHz. It enables research and development for next generation mobile standards, especially in the 28 and 39 GHz bands for 5G, as well as characterization of wideband amplifiers. Typical applications include the demodulation of wideband OFDM and single-carrier digitally modulated signals or measuring the linearization and predistortion of amplifiers. For applications that need more than 1.2 GHz analysis bandwidth, the FSW already supports
2 GHz using an external.


Custom MMIC


Custom MMIC             Booth 1355
GaAs and GaN MMICs
The Custom MMIC standard product portfolio of performance-driven gallium arsenide (GaAs) and gallium nitride (GaN) MMICs is gaining a new ultra-wideband distributed amplifier, a family of low phase noise amplifiers (LPNA) and a family of high P1dB mixers. The CMD201P5 distributed amplifier offers +38 dBm IP3 from DC to 20 GHz. The LPNA family spans 6 to 40 GHz with phase noise figures as good as -165 dBc/Hz. Lastly, a new high linearity mixer family features high P1dB from 4 to 40 GHz.


RF-Lambda USA LLC Booth 1356
6 to 18 GHz, Broadband Power Amplifier
RAMP06G18GF is an ultra-wide band solid state benchtop power amplifier covering 6 to 18 GHz with a saturated output power of 140 W. The nominal gain is 45 dB, with a gain adjustment range of 20 dB with a 0.1 dB step size. The units come equipped with multiple protection features such as input over drive, over current and over temperature shutdown making them ideal for EMC, vsat, test and radar applications.


Ultra Low Phase Noise RF Signal Generator 0.039 to 22 GHz with USB Control


Ultra Low Phase Noise RF Signal Generator 0.039 to 22 GHz with USB Control 
RSGLP0120GA is a wide band USB controlled signal generator covering 0.04 to 22 GHz with an output range of -20 to 10 dBm. The frequency step tuning speed is < 100 us with the tuning step at 0.001 Hz and the phase noise at 10 KHz offset -116 dBc/Hz (10 GHz). It uses the advanced VCO and DDS based phase lock technology to provide T&M instrument level of phase noise. The unit uses the internal temperature compensated crystal oscillator as the reference signal of PLL. The unit can also be locked to an external 10 MHz reference source. Accurate calibrated output power. Ideal for ultra wide band radio and test applications.


Absorptive 0.05 to 20 GHz Coaxial SP160T Switch


Absorptive 0.05 to 20 GHz Coaxial SP160T Switch
RFSP160TA0020G is a filter bank switch matrix with 160 channels covering 0.05 to 20 GHz with isolation of 60 dB and speed of 50 ns. This switch comes equipped with a rotary joint and a standard epoxy sealed package for controlled environments up to 30,000 feet. As an added option the switch is also available in a hermetically sealed package up to 60,000 feet that is available on request. Ideal for phase array radar systems.


Dow-Key Microwave


Dow-Key Microwave   Booth 1401
Coaxial Switches
Dow-Key’s versatile family of 40 GHz products provides users with a wide selection of coaxial switch options. Offered in SP6T Multiposition, DPDT (Transfer) and SPDT, it can be configured for a variety of ATE and military applications. With 2.9 mm RF connectors, the SP6T is available with latching or normally open actuator, while the DPDT and SPDT is offered with latching or failsafe. All models are designed with 12, 24 or 28 V
control lines.


K&L Microwave


K&L Microwave           Booth 1401
Thin Film Lumped Element
K&L Microwave has launched a Thin Film Lumped Element (TFLE) product line utilizing sputtering deposition on Alumina that applies discrete component expertise to build on the classic quarter-wavelength (λ/4) edge-coupled approach, supporting bandpass, highpass, lowpass and bandreject responses and offering powerful advantages, such as skirt skew control and transmission zeros for enhanced localized rejection. Direct-coupling schemes allow realization of bandpass filters with an operational frequency range exceeding 2 to 20 GHz and relative percentage bandwidth from 3% to 65%.


Pole/Zero Corp


Pole/Zero Corp.           Booth 1401
Tunable Bandpass Filter
Pole/Zero’s HF-ERF™ tunable bandpass filter covers the entire HF tactical radio band of 1.5 to 30 MHz while fitting in a low-profile package measuring 2 in × 2.78 in × 0.6 in (50.8 mm × 70.61 mm × 15.24 mm). It has SMT capability with tune time and has remarkable selectivity for a compact device. These bandpass filters are commonly used in applications where small size, low power and high performance are needed for military handheld radios, radar systems, SATCOM and additional commercial applications.




MiniRF       Booth 1437
SMD Splitters
Are your passives getting performance only some of the time? Then “split” quickly to the MiniRF line of high performance splitters “peas in the pod” performance from first one to the next > 10 K units built. MiniRF offers wide bandwidth, excellent isolation, low insertion loss and excellent I/O return loss for superb matching between components. Look for these products and a full line of transformers/combiners/couplers on MiniRF’s website.




TRAK         Booth 1441
Ku-Band 25 W Transceiver
TRAK’S latest high power transceiver (HPT) is a modular, high performance TXRX designed for commercial airborne applications with advanced system interoperability features. In a compact package, Model MFC170 delivers a complete Satcom solution with integrated high power solid state power amplifier (SSPA), wideband block upconverter, dual-band downconverter, digital control, status interfaces and all necessary power conditioning circuitry. The modular design approach for this high power transceiver enables multiple built-in-test functions, quick troubleshooting, easy field replaceability and high reliability and survivability gallium nitride (GaN) devices.


Maury Microwave


Maury Microwave        Booth 1536
Product Showcase
Exceptional companies have superior labs--complete your lab with Maury Microwave. Maury, a leader in measurement and modeling device characterization solutions, VNA calibration accessories and interconnections, will be showcasing active and hybrid-active harmonic load pull solutions, LXI-certified mechanical impedance tuners, pulsed IV/RF compact transistor modeling as well as coaxial and waveguide VNA calibration kits and metrology adapters, in-stock color-coded precision and daily-use adapters and test-port, phase-stable and value cable assemblies. Visit Maury for details, demos, deals and NPIs.


Teledyne Labtech


Teledyne Labtech       Booth 1502
RF/Microwave PCB Solutions
Teledyne Labtech develops the most complex, demanding RF/microwave printed circuit board (PCB) specialist solutions for military and commercial markets. Drawing from a 30-year pedigree in PCB manufacturing expertise, Teledyne Labtech offers metal-backed RF/MW PCBs, precision single sided and double sided PCBs, multilayer PCBs and more. Labtech’s expansive PCB capabilities feature wire bondable surface finishes; embedded component capability; bonded wave guide structures and components; large format capability; and assembly and microwave testing to 40 GHz.


Teledyne Relays


Teledyne Relays         Booth 1502
Electromechanical Relay
Teledyne Relays introduces the GRF121 electromechanical relay. This magnetic-latching SPDT relay is perfect for broadband, high repeatability, RF and digital applications—where RF performance from DC to 18 GHz or signal integrity up to 40 Gbps is required. This relay is ideal for ATE, semiconductor/IC testing, high-frequency communication and medical imaging devices, RF switch matrices and other applications requiring broadband signal fidelity and high digital throughput. The GRF121 now includes reversed-polarity coil and ungrounded open-contact options for design flexibility.


Rogers Corp


Rogers Corp.               Booth 1548
94 V-0 Antenna Grade Laminates
RO4730G3™ circuit laminates have been engineered for next-generation wireless PCB antennas, including in 4G and 5G cellular base stations and IoT networks. These low-loss, cost-effective circuit materials are lead-free process compatible and flame retardant. RO4730G3 laminates support broadband antenna designs with excellent PIM performance, outstanding dimensional stability and multilayer board design capability. These thermoset resin/ceramic/woven glass materials expand Rogers’ antenna grade product family.




Anokiwave                  Booth 1558
Element Phased Array Innovator Kit
Ready for 5G? The AWMF-0129 is the world’s first commercially available electronically scanned active array enabling fast prototyping and evaluation of 28 GHz 5G applications. Based on highly integrated Si ICs with embedded functions for remote telemetry and low-latency steering™, the AWMF-0129 allows for real-time active beam-steering. With 50 dBmi of EIRP and full flexibility for the user in the choice of waveform stimulus and timing-control, the array is an enabling technology for the evaluation and development of 5G networks.




Multi-Function Core ICs
Introducing flexible multi-function silicon ICs for mmW communication and sensing applications. The ICs are for active arrays intended for SATCOM, RADAR and TDD/FDD applications. The devices have switchable outputs and can support half-duplex operation. The AWMF-0117 operates at 10.5 to 16 GHz with +12 dBm Tx P1dB and 4 dB Rx NF. The AWMF-0116 operates at 26 to 30 GHz with +10 dBm Tx P1dB and 5 dB Rx NF. Both ICs feature six bit phase/gain control in a 2.5 mm × 2.5 mm package.




Active Antenna ICs
The world’s most advanced active antenna solutions for 5G, RADAR, SATCOM. Anokiwave offers a family of active antenna ICs at X and K/Ka-Bands for 5G, commercial RADAR and SATCOM markets. Supported with expert systems engineering and optimal technology solutions, the company’s highly integrated core ICs and system-in-package solutions provide its customers the fastest-time-to-market. Anokiwave’s patent-pending IP blocks implemented in silicon technology enable low-cost hybrid beam forming for 5G multi-antenna arrays with high energy efficiency and low latency beam steering™.


JFW Industries Inc


JFW Industries Inc.     Booth 1608
Rack-Mounted Attenuation Systems for 5G/Millimeter Wave Development and Test
The 50PA-1019-XX 2.9 MM is available with up to 16 attenuators. This new series of Ethernet-controlled RF attenuator systems was specifically developed for testing mmWave and 5G radios in a laboratory environment. A 100 MHz to 40 GHz bandwidth and attenuation from 0 to 62 dB x 1 dB are ideal for receiver testing and network emulation of fixed 5G and mobile 5G wireless network components. A simple ethernet/RS-232 interface and standard 2.9 MM RF connectors make integration simple as well.




45RFSOI Technology
45RFSOI is a future-ready, 45nm RF SOI technology targeted for 5G mobile communications. For improved power handling in next-generation devices operating in the GHz frequency range, 45RFSOI incorporates a high resistivity substrate that maximizes the quality factor for passive devices, reduces parasitic capacitances and minimizes disparity in phase and voltage swings. 45RFSOI includes RF-centric features and enablement, and supports operation in the 24 to 100 GHz mmWave spectrum bands, 5x more than 4G operating frequencies.




OML Inc.    Booth 1640
WR-05 Signal Generator Frequency Extension Module
The S05MS from OML offers a solution to connect to the RF of your existing signal generator to extend microwave outputs to millimeter and sub-millimeter frequencies of 140 to 220 GHz. With a typical output power of -9 dBm; the S05MS offers options for variable attenuation (S05MS-A) and electronic attenuation (S05MS-EA) which offers up to 60 dB of electronic controlled attenuation. Contact OML for more details. 




Modelithics                 Booth 1642
The Modelithics® COMPLETE Library
Modelithics Inc. has released v17, of the COMPLETE Library for Keysight ADS and NI AWR Design Environment. Over 15,000 electronic components are now represented in the library of scalable parasitic advanced simulation models. The Modelithics COMPLETE Library includes passive component and non-linear active device models from 65 of the most popular vendors. Included in version 17 are Modelithics Microwave Supermodels™. A Supermodel is developed by combining all the latest available data into one model that contains the most complete part value range and scalability ranges for all parameters.


SV Microwave


SV Microwave             Booth 1702
High Frequency Coaxial PCB Connectors
SV Microwave offers a complete line of high frequency coaxial PCB connectors that meet the industry need for high-performing, easy-to-use threaded and blindmate/push-on designs. Current configurations include single-port and multiport 2.92 mm, 2.4 mm, SMA, SMP, SMPM and SMPS edge launch, board mount and thru-hole connectors. Additionally, SV now offers a line of pre-tinned coaxial edge mount, surface mount and through hole PCB connectors which eliminate a step during the soldering process. COTS versions are readily available through distribution.


Reactel Inc


Reactel Inc.                 Booth 1802
Filters, Multiplexers and Multifunction Assemblies
Reactel manufactures a line of filters, multiplexers and multifunction assemblies covering up to 50 GHz. From small, lightweight units suitable for flight to high power units capable of handling 10 kW, connectorized or surface-mount Reactel’s talented engineers can design a unit specifically for your application.


Eclipse Microwave


Eclipse Microwave     Booth 1805
Low Noise Amplifier
Eclipse Microdevices EMD1715 is a GaAs MMIC PHEMT distributed general purpose low noise amplifier. This LNA has a small signal gain of 14 dB with noise figure less than 1.8 dB at 6 GHz. This device is ideal for applications that require a typical P1dB output power of +20 dBm up to 12 GHz, while requiring only 103 mA from a +5 V supply. The EMD1715 comes in a small RoHS compliant 4 mm QFN leadless package which has excellent RF and thermal properties.




Ducommun                  Booth 1819
RF Coaxial Switch
Ducommun’s high reliability Single Pole Four Throw (SP4T) is for space applications. The operating frequency range is from DC to 40 GHz with K connector. Low power input with operating voltage from 22 to 34 vdc (28 vdc nominal) at extreme temperatures of -30°C to +85°C. The SP4T coaxial switch is latching type and equipped with suppression diodes, telemetry circuitry and 50 ohms terminations. They feature multiple output RF transmission lines, robust and compact design and reliability.



RLC Electronics


RLC Electronics          Booth 1842
High Power Cavity Bandpass Filters
RLC Electronics manufactures high power cavity bandpass filters for military and commercial applications. These filters exhibit sharp attenuation and low loss. The unit pictured above is a 1280 MHz bandpass filter with 65 dB rejection at 1000 and 1800 MHz. The filter is rated for 400 W cW and 2000 W peak (20% duty cycle) and has low loss (0.3 dB). RLC also offers other high power products such as switches, couplers, power dividers and filters (highpass, bandpass, band reject and lowpass filters, including absorptive designs).


Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals Inc.


Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals Inc.                   Booth 1849
Specialty Wire Products
Ulbrich Specialty Wire Group specializes in the production of specialty wire products for various markets, including high performance RF cable applications. These products include custom manufactured helical wrap wire, braid wire and center conductors. Ulbrich’s precision controls allow for aspect ratios up to 350:1. Customized mechanical properties enable wrap optimization and variability control. Ulbrich has in-house FFT analysis, as well as in-line statistical process controls that ensure high CPK and PPK values and low standard deviation values. Special alloys available.


Copper Mountain Technologies


Copper Mountain Technologies              Booth 1940
Cable and Antenna Analyzer
New R180 1-port VNA (Cable and Antenna Analyzer) from Copper Mountain Technologies is the first 18 GHz 1-port VNA that can connect directly to DUT, improving measurement accuracy by eliminating practical limitation of RF cables. R180 can be controlled and powered through a USB-C port or through an external 5 VDC power supply. Unit delivers high accuracy results in a wide variety of measurement formats including time domain measurement. Frequency range is from 1 MHz to 18 GHz.


VIDA Products


VIDA Products            Booth 1953
VIDA Products announces DOMIC—Differential Oscillator Ultimate YIG Oscillator featuring performance, broadband sustainability and state of the art low phase noise. Features: Single frequency, YIG-based VCO, center frequency - 10 GHz, minimum RF power: 7 dBm, power - 8 V at 130 mA typ., at 100 KHz to 120 dBc/Hz, at 1 MHz to 140 dBc/Hz and tune - 0 to 10 V = -15 to +15 MHz.


Morion US LLC


Morion US LLC            Booth 2026
Ultra-Stable OCXO
Morion released the MV336, ultra precision OCXO with ultra low short-term stability, phase noise and excellent temperature stability in a 92 mm × 80 mm × 50 mm package. Available with a frequency of 10 MHz, the MV336 has phase noise of < -93 dBc/Hz at 0.1 Hz and -120 dBc/Hz at 1 Hz, short-term stability < 1E-13 at 1 sec and < 3E-13 until 100 sec which is accompanied by temperature stability of < 2E-11 vs. -10°C to +55°C. The MV336 OCXO has 10 MHz SIN output. Works at 12 V.


Pickering Interfaces


Pickering Interfaces    Booth 2040
PXI Microwave Multiplexer Modules
PXI Microwave Multiplexer Modules (40-784A) are from Pickering Interfaces. These multiplexers have a characteristic impedance of 50 Ω  and are capable of switching signals up to 40 GHz. Available in single, dual or triple, SP6T or SP4T formats, they are suitable for constructing complex microwave switching networks. These multiplexers are compatible with any PXI chassis and can be used in Pickering’s LXI (Ethernet) modular chassis for users preferring control via an Ethernet port. Connection is by a high performance front panel mounted SMA or SMA-2.9 connectors.




Ultra-Wideband Coaxial 2-Way
0° Splitter/Combiner

Mini-Circuits’ ZN2PD-02183+ is a 2-way 0° ultra-wideband splitter/combiner supporting a wide range of applications from 2 to 18 GHz. This model is capable of handling up to 10 W RF input power as a splitter with 0.5 dB insertion loss, providing excellent signal power transmission from input to output. It delivers nearly equal output signals with 0.05 dB amplitude unbalance and 0.15° phase unbalance, with 20 dB isolation, minimizing interference between channels. The ZN2PD-02183+ comes housed in a rugged, compact aluminum alloy case measuring 1 in × 2.25 in × 0.38 in with SMA-female connectors.


Multi-Function Core ICs


High-Power Surface-Mount Bi-Directional Coupler
Mini-Circuits has expanded its offering of surface-mount couplers with a new series of stripline-based models providing extremely high power handling in a miniature, low-profile printed laminate form factor. New model BDCH-35-272 is a bi-directional coupler which achieves 150 W RF power handling for applications from 700 to 2700 MHz including DAS, transmission signal monitoring, antenna reflection monitoring and more. The coupler measures only 1 in × 0.5 in × 0.051 in and provides 0.2 dB mainline loss, 23 dB return loss and 18 dB directivity. The unit has a wide operating temperature range from -55°C up to +105°C, making it suitable for use near high power componentry where high temperature is common.


90 W, Surface-Mount, 2-Way, 90° Hybrid, 600 to 3900 MHz


90 W, Surface-Mount, 2-Way, 90° Hybrid, 600 to 3900 MHz
Mini-Circuits’QCH-392+ is a high-power, surface-mount 2-way 90° hybrid capable of handling up to 90 W RF input power for applications over a > 2 octave bandwidth from 600 to 3900 MHz. This model provides low insertion loss of 0.6 and 14 dB port-to-port isolation. With 0.8 dB amplitude unbalance and 5° phase unbalance, the hybrid produces nearly equal output signals with 90° phase shift, ideal for I/Q systems, balanced amplifiers, antenna feeds, phase shifters and many more applications. The splitter is designed into a miniature printed laminate measuring only 1 in × 0.5 in × 0.2 in with wraparound terminations for good solderability and easy visual inspection.


Ultra-Thin Coaxial 8-Way 0° Splitter/Combiner


Ultra-Thin Coaxial 8-Way 0° Splitter/Combiner
Mini-Circuits’ ZN8PD-272SMP+ is a coaxial 8-way 0° splitter/combiner supporting a wide range of applications from 690 to 2750 MHz. This model is capable of handling up to 10 W RF input power as a splitter and provides 0.8 dB insertion loss, 23 dB isolation, 2° phase unbalance, 0.1 dB amplitude unbalance and DC current passing up to 1.4A (175 mA each port). The splitter features blind-mate SMP snap-on connectors and comes housed in an ultra-thin, aluminum alloy package measuring only 6.6 in × 3.28 in × 0.3 in, saving space and allowing easy cable connections in crowded layouts.


Tiny High-Power MMIC SPDT Switch


Tiny High-Power MMIC SPDT Switch
Mini-Circuits’ HSW2-272VHDR+ is a MMIC SPDT reflective switch with an internal driver designed for wideband operation from 30 to 2700 MHz. This model is capable of handling up to 32 W pulsed RF power and 20 W CW power with 0.25 dB typical insertion loss. It provides high linearity with +85 dBm IIP3, minimizing unwanted intermods and 41 µs switching time. The switch is produced using a unique CMOS process on silicon, offering the performance of GaAs with the advantages of conventional CMOS devices. Housed in a tiny 5 mm × 5 mm 32-lead MCLP package HSW2-272VHDR+ provides a high level of ESD protection and excellent repeatability. It operates on a single positive supply voltage with very low current consumption of 120 µA (typical).


High-Power Surface-Mount, Dual-Directional Coupler


High-Power Surface-Mount, Dual-Directional Coupler
Mini-Circuits’ DDCH-50-521+ surface-mount, high-power, dual-directional coupler provides 50 dB coupling on the through path and reflected path with very high power handling up to 300 W for a wide variety of applications from 20 to 520 MHz. This model provides low insertion loss of 0.07 dB, 35 dB return loss and 21 dB directivity. The coupler is designed into an open printed laminate (1 in × 1.5 in × 0.128 in) with wraparound terminations for good solderability and easy visual inspection.


90 W, Surface-Mount, 2-Way, 90° Hybrid, 600 to 3900 MHz


Cavity Filter
Mini-Circuits’ ZVBP-12445HR+ is a bandpass cavity filter with a passband from 2400 to 2490 MHz, supporting a number of applications including satellite earth stations, radar and more. This model provides < 0.6 dB passband insertion loss, 1.1:1 passband VSWR, high rejection with excellent selectivity, reaching 45 dB rejection at 2160 and 2900 MHz. The rugged design can handle up to 10 W RF input power and includes a mechanical feature which prevents accidental detuning that might otherwise require costly replacement or return to factory for re-tuning. It comes housed in a powder-coated aluminum alloy case (2.36 in × 0.79 in × 1.02 in) with SMA-F connectors.


Reflectionless Low Pass Filter Die, DC to 12200 MHz


Reflectionless Low Pass Filter Die, DC to 12200 MHz
Mini-Circuits is pleased to offer its revolutionary reflectionless filters in bare die form from stock, allowing customers to integrate the filters directly into their hybrids with minimal space requirements. Mini-Circuits’ XLF-123-D+ is a reflectionless high pass filter die with a passband from DC to 12200 MHz and stopband from 18100 to 29000 MHz. The filter provides 1.8 dB passband insertion loss, 1.3:1 passband VSWR, 20 dB stopband rejection and 1.3:1 stopband VSWR. It can handle RF input power up to 2 W in the passband and 50 mW in the stopband. Fabricated using IPD process technology on GaAs, the filter comes housed in a tiny 3 mm × 3 mm QFN package.




Ultra-Wideband Precision Fixed Attenuator Die, DC to 26.5 GHz
Mini-Circuits’ YAT-9-D+ is a fixed value, absorptive MMIC attenuator die providing 9 dB attenuation with ±0.6 dB attenuation flatness from DC to 26.5 GHz. A simple modification to the ground plane enables excellent performance all the way up to 40 GHz, supporting requirements for applications in the millimeter wave region such as 5G systems. This model provides RF power handling up to 2 W, and unpackaged die form enables users to integrate the attenuator directly into hybrids where small size and light weight are critical. The die contains through-wafer Cu metallization vias to realize low thermal resistance and very wideband operation. YAT attenuator dice are available from stock with nominal attenuation values from 0 to 10 dB (in 1 dB steps), and 12, 15, 20 and 30 dB.


Wideband, Surface-Mount Limiter


Wideband, Surface-Mount Limiter
Mini-Circuits’ RLM-63-2W+ is a passive PIN diode surface-mount limiter ideal for protecting LNAs and other sensitive receiver circuitry from unwanted high power signals and reducing amplitude variations in IF circuits for satellite receivers and other applications. This model covers a wide range of applications from 30 to 6000 MHz. It provides a wide input power range from +12 to +32 dBm, low output power of +11.5 dBm, 0.4 dB ∆ output / 1 dB ∆ input (typical), 10 ns recovery time, 0.3 dB insertion loss and 1.2:1 VSWR. It comes housed in a miniature, 6-lead package (0.25 in × 0.31 in × 0.16 in), with wraparound terminations for excellent solderability.