Richardson RFPD, Inc. announced the in-stock availability and full design support capabilities for two new bandpass filters from CTS Corporation.

Part of the ClearPlex® family of devices, the MCB1412A is a 13.75 to 14.50 GHz, mmWave, surface-mount, ceramic waveguide bandpass filter with I/Os that can interface to micro-strip transmission lines on the top-layer of customer printed circuit boards. It features superior rejection, insertion loss, reliability, temperature stability and peak and average power handling compared to other X-Band through Ku- and Ka-Band filters. An evaluation board for the MCB1412A is also available.

The MXB1172A is a 10.7 to 12.75 GHz, surface-mount, ceramic bandpass filter. It also features superior rejection, insertion loss, reliability and peak and average power handling. The MXB1172A is part of the MTB/MXB series, which covers a variety of bands spanning 6 to 12 GHz. 

Both new devices are designed for Ku-Band satcom applications, with the MCB1412A intended for the uplink (transmit) and the MXB1172A for the downlink (receive).

The new filters are available as standard, off-the-shelf products. CTS can also support filters for the lower Ku-Band and other specialized filter requirements.