Sivers Semiconductors AB announced that its business unit Sivers Wireless, has signed a development agreement for an advanced satcom solution with Thorium Space, a Polish advanced satcom systems company. The agreement is a first step in the development of advanced chipsets for satcom ground terminals as well as space deployment. The value of the agreement is $1.850.000 (approximately MSEK 19,5). 

This agreement covers the first step in the development phase and is aimed at delivering working engineering samples of several different dedicated chips for different mmWave bands for advanced satellite communication systems. In the next phase, not included in current agreement, the potential is considerable, as the chips will be further developed, qualified, and readied for mass production to support both ground and space deployment to eventually be rolled out in volume as of 2H 2024. 

Development activities for this agreement are starting in March 2023, and are planned to run through to the end of 2023. The satcom chip market is estimated to offer a total addressable market for Sivers’ type of chipsets larger than $5 billion during the period 2023-2030 (REF 1). 

“I’m personally extremely happy for the cooperation with Sivers and it is exactly, what we have been waiting for from the first day of Thorium Space and now we are sure, that we can develop and deliver best-in-class, state of art active antenna solutions for the global ground and space segment without any compromise,” said Paweł Rymaszewski, CEO, Thorium Space.

“I am very pleased to work with Thorium Space on this project to bring best-in-class chipsets to their ground and space solutions. This is the first time that we are providing solutions for space deployment, and it is very exciting to partner with such an excellent and innovative company as Thorium Space,” said Anders Storm, Group CEO, Sivers Semiconductors.