Engineering Kits

Piconics Engineering Kits are an RF designer’s best friend. Keep these high-quality inductor kits in your lab to shorten the design time on your next project. Each kit contains up to five pieces each of the five or six different value inductors to assist with your prototyping. Broadband Conical Inductor Kits are available in flying lead and SMT styles with performances to 65 GHz and beyond. The High Current Conical Kit features a lower loss fill material and heavier gage wire to better handle RF power and higher current applications. The Gold and Copper Air Coil Kits are for precision filter applications up to 20 GHz.


Four-Way Power Divider

Quantic PMI Model No. APD-4-218-LC-2 is a highly-reliable four-way power divider featuring excellent amplitude and phase balance, low insertion loss and high isolation electrically power divider that operates over the 2.0 to 18.0 GHz frequency range. It has a maximum insertion loss of 2.0 dB and a minimum isolation of 16 dB. This model is outfitted with SMA female connectors in a housing measuring 1.75” × 1.75” × 0.40”.

Quantic PMI

Variable Attenuators

RLC Electronics is manufacturing broadband 8 to 22 GHz variable attenuators, intended for panel mounting into customer systems. The frequency can be extended to approximately 24 GHz, as needed. These attenuators have 20 dB minimum attenuation range, exhibit low loss (< 0.5 dB) and are stable over MIL-STD-202 environment. RLC is also offering similar variable attenuators that cover the 4 to 18 GHz band and will support custom frequency requirements as well.

RLC Electronics

Phase Bridge Power Modules

Vishay Intertechnology Inc. introduced three new series of 130 to 300 A three-phase bridge power modules in the ultra-compact MTC package that deliver reliable operation for heavy-duty industrial applications. The 130 A VS-131MT…C, 160 A VS-161MT…C and 300 A VS-301MT…C series are optimized for line frequency input rectification in welding machines, switch mode power supplies, plasma cutting, battery chargers and motor control. The encapsulated devices offer a rugged design for these applications, while their highly conductive MTC package provides excellent thermal behavior.

Vishay Intertechnology Inc.

Smart Wideband Frequency Synthesizer

SSG22645LX Smart wideband frequency synthesizer—new design covering 45 MHz to 22.6 GHz, with resolution as fine as 0.1 Hz. Unique features include dual frequency outputs with independent control, power attenuation from -20 to +7 dB, three frequency sweep modes (single, repeat, cycle), internal/external reference, all controlled through Bluetooth app or PC, LEDs for function status—ideal for lab, production and field testing. Available from stock through priced at $1,500.00.



Low Noise Amplifier

Model SBL-2042242080-0505-E1 is a G-Band low noise amplifier (LNA) with typical small-signal gain of 20 dB across the frequency range of 195 to 220 GHz. With a nominal noise figure of 8.0 dB, the LNA requires a power source of +8 VDC at 50 mA. The 1 dB compression level is +8 dBm at the input. Rated for temperatures from 0°C to +50°C, the LNA measures 1.4 × 1.0 × 0.75 in. The input and output ports are WR-05 waveguide with in-line UG-387/U-M anti-cocking flanges.


Wideband Low Noise Amplifier

ERZIA has built a solid reputation for delivering high performance “space-qualified” devices that deliver as promised. You can now leverage that experience with this wideband amplifier—just one of 180+ COTS amplifiers that have been designed to withstand harsh requirements for a more rapid design, build, test and launch of your next mission.


Solid-State X-Band Pulse Amplifier

Exodus Advanced Communications’ AMP4022DBP-4KW pulse amplifier is designed for pulse/HIRF, EMC/EMI Mil-Std 461/464 and radar applications. Providing superb pulse fidelity and up to 100 μs pulse widths. Duty cycles to 6 percent with a minimum 66 dB gain. Available monitoring parameters for forward/reflected power in watts and dBm, VSWR, voltage, current, temperature sensing for outstanding reliability and ruggedness for compact integrations.

Exodus Advanced Communications