Pharrowtech, which designs and develops mmWave hardware and software for next-generation wireless applications, announces that its 60 GHz high speed wireless evaluation board, PTB-1060, has been integrated into the Renesas RWM6050 baseband wireless modem platform. 

Renesas is the global leader in microcontrollers, analogue, power and SoC products. Pharrowtech’s PTB-1060 integrated solution with the RWM6050 includes its PTR-1060 CMOS radio chip and the PTM-1060 antenna array module, means that the technology is now available for customer evaluation with the Renesas’ Evaluation Kit. 

The chip’s integration, performance, and capabilities make it possible to realise the full potential of Fixed Wireless Access deployments, 5G and Wi-Fi infrastructure backhauling, next-generation consumer electronics products including VR, and IoT devices requiring high speed links, all while streamlining the design process and reducing the total system cost.   

Global demand for easy access to reliable, high speed internet is growing all the time, but fibre technology has proven itself to be unsuitable for connecting everyone, everywhere, due to the expense and disruption of deployment.

What’s more, there are many fast-growing use cases requiring reliable, fibre-like data rates that cannot be cost effectively served with wired technologies. To sustain an increasing demand for gigabit per second home broadband access, and effectively support smart city deployments such as high-resolution CCTV cameras in public spaces, 60 GHz connectivity offers superior performance, shorter deployment time and lower equipment cost.

Pharrowtech’s PTR-1060 chip allows telecoms providers to utilise 60 GHz connectivity to realise these new use cases, without the performance drawbacks that competitor products have experienced to date.

The integrated PTR-1060 chipset supports six channels rather than just the lowest four, from 57 to 71 GHz, therefore offering significantly improved signal performance when compared to other products on the market. Further, with up to 64QAM modulation, the chip delivers higher data rates, enabling more margin and thus greater reliability. The inclusion of Pharrowtech’s PTM-1060 radio module (RFM) allows for a tightly integrated and optimised 8x8 (2 x 2 cm, i.e the diameter of a U.S. penny) patch antenna array, meaning it can readily be integrated into end-products, taking much less surface area than competitive solutions with half the antenna paths.

The combination of Pharrowtech’s CMOS radio and Renesas’ CMOS baseband delivers the smallest physical footprint of any comparable chipset on the market, reducing board space required in the end application. This not only means that a sleeker product can be delivered, but that it will have a shorter time to market and lower cost than similar solutions.

Marco Bello, vice president of product management and marketing at Pharrowtech, commented, “We have developed a product capable of consistently delivering fibre-like throughput without the environmental disruption or high costs associated with fibre deployments. In addition, our chip makes it possible to realise smart city applications that are simply not possible through wired solutions. Integrating our wireless evaluation board with Renesas demonstrates the maturity and robustness of our technology. Customers can trust that the quality, reliability and performance that they need for 5G CPEs and other infrastructure nodes will be delivered and can therefore begin independent evaluations with confidence.”

Pharrowtech is demonstrating its technology and available to discuss existing products at the Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam from the 18 to 20 of October 2022 in booth G25A.