KYOCERA AVX designed and developed the custom high performance antennas implemented in Swisscom’s new third generation WLAN-Box, the WLAN-Box 3, which can be used as a repeater or WLAN access point to significantly expand Wi-Fi coverage in residential applications.  

Swisscom is Switzerland’s leading telecommunications company, as well as one of its leading IT companies and most sustainable and innovative companies. It also has a presence in the Italian market under the guise of Fastweb. 

Swisscom’s new WLAN-Box 3 is an innovative IEEE 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6E device equipped with 10 custom high performance KYOCERA AVX antennas that deliver outstanding tri-band 2.4, 5 and 6 GHz performance in a compact form factor. Designed to be used as a repeater or a WLAN access point in residential networking applications installed in detached homes and large or multi-story apartments, the new WLAN-Box 3 delivers Wi-Fi 6E performance to provide customers with faster-than-ever gigabit data speeds, increased data transmission stability and a more satisfying connected home experience. It also enables wireless internet connectivity for televisions and can be used to form mesh networks for a more extensive Wi-Fi range.  

"The custom high performance embedded antennas that KYOCERA AVX designed and developed for us allowed us to further optimize our reliable WLAN-Box series," said Marcel Burgherr, head of Home Devices from Swisscom. “We’re very glad to provide our customers with even faster gigabit data rates and further improved transmission stability.”  

“Fitting a total of 10 embedded antennas in Swisscom’s new WLAN-Box 3 was a real technical challenge due to its compact form factor,” said Oliver Pajona, chief scientist, KYOCERA AVX France. “The experience, innovation, and dedication of our KYOCERA AVX Europe and Taiwan RF teams helped us overcome many difficulties and provide Swisscom with yet another optimized result.”  

"We’re very proud that the rock-solid technology partnership between Swisscom and KYOCERA AVX has allowed us to further improve the value that Swisscom’s high performance wireless devices deliver,” said Carmen Redondo, director of Global Marketing Antennas, KYOCERA AVX. “We are continuously investing in the research, design, and development of innovative wireless technologies optimized to enable the next generation of cutting-edge wireless solutions around the world.”