Amphenol RF offers a wide selection of waterproof IP67-rated HD‐BNC connectors. These connectors are designed specifically for use in applications where the system may be compromised through exposure to the elements. The sealed HD‐BNC interface is engineered to provide strong protection against anything that would negatively affect system performance and is ideal for a variety of miniaturized applications.

IP67 HD‐BNC connectors utilize the trusted bayonet‐style positive locking mechanism for easy installation and secure mating. This interface is available in a number of both 50 and 75 ohm configurations including straight and right-angle versions for cable mount applications, and features a closed entry interface. HD‐BNC connectors are a popular choice for broadcast, military and industrial applications equipment.

HD‐BNC interconnects are 4x smaller than the traditional BNC connector which allows for increased density while still offering all the same features and benefits, cable prep and assembly methods.