PPM Test announced that new Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for Sentinel 3 systems are now available. These new SLAs can provide Sentinel 3 owners access to additional services such as regular calibration, repairs to equipment beyond the warranty period and updates to firmware and software. 

Sentinel 3 is a cutting edge RF over fiber test and measurement system that can be used in aviation applications for testing such as EMP, EMC and HIRF. It provides a rapid and accurate testing solution with the capability to allow a single receiver to monitor up to 48 sensors sequentially or two sensors simultaneously. 

Where the Sentinel 3 is a specialist piece of test equipment, it’s important to ensure the systems are performing to the high standards that test and measurement applications require – and as a result of them being built-in small volumes, specialist knowledge is often necessary for system maintenance and repairs. 

To satisfy this need for specialist maintenance and repairs, PPM Test now offers two levels of cover, meaning customers can choose the SLA option most suited to their individual requirements. 

Level 1 – Calibration Only 

  • Calibration of the Sentinel 3 system – including necessary adjustments to meet the published specification 
  • Test data to demonstrate compliance plus full set of test data prior to any adjustments 
  • Overview of test equipment used in the calibration 
  • Certificate of calibration 
  • Required software upgrades 

Preferential pricing for repairs outside of the warranty and SLA. 

Level 2 – Calibration and Repair 

  • All level 1 calibration elements 
  • Evaluation of necessary repairs 
  • Approved repairs using new or refurbished parts 
  • Verification that the repaired system meets or exceeds its published specification 
  • Preferential pricing for additional repairs not covered by the Level 2 SLA.