Rogers Corporation expanded the copper foil options available with RO3003G2™ laminates to include thinner, 9 micron electrodeposited HVLP foil.  

Expanded copper foil thickness options can simplify the PCB fabrication steps required to consistently produce reliable mmWave radar PCBs. Utilizing 9 micron foils on antenna outer layers for mmWave radar PCBs can help PCB fabricators achieve tighter final feature tolerance for signal lines and antenna patterns. Additionally, starting with 9 micron copper on RO3003G2 laminate, instead of 18 micron copper, can reduce the copper reduction steps needed by the PCB fabricator to meet the final PCB copper thickness requirements after filled via formation.

Rogers offers unbalanced cladding options with RO3003G2 laminates, such as 9/18 micron, which allows thicker copper to remain on the ground layer to ease via formation and provide heat dissipation. Rogers RO3003G2 laminates are widely used in the industry for mmWave radar applications, such as 77 GHz automotive radar, due to their tightly controlled and reliable dielectric constant performance and very low insertion loss. Adding new options such as 9 micron foil provides Rogers RO3003G2 laminate customers additional options to optimize the cost and reliability of their mmWave radar programs. 

Rogers supplies RO3003G2 laminates to our global customers from our manufacturing sites in Belgium and China.