Welcome to IMS in Denver, Colo., the Mile High City! My Steering Committee and I are very excited about the location and the program that we have put together. I take great pleasure in inviting you to join us in Denver for IMS2022. Colorado might just be one of the most photogenic spots around the world, and Denver is where urban sophistication meets outdoor adventure. The IMS2022 team has put together a great program with many new and exciting elements. There will also be many opportunities to network away from the technical sessions. IMS2022 will be 19-24 June 2022, and will be centered around the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver.


The name Colorado is of Spanish origin, meaning “colored red.” It came into use because of the red sandstone soil of the region. Colorado is also called “Colorful Colorado” because of the magnificent scenery of mountains, rivers and plains. There is so much to see and do when visiting Colorado. A short drive takes you from Denver to the Rocky Mountains. There the outdoors awaits, from hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park to riding a narrow-gage railroad train through a canyon inaccessible to cars. Just outside Denver there are miles and miles of hiking and biking trails.


Denver is known as the Mile High City, a nickname it was given because a spot on the state capitol steps has been measured to be at an elevation of 5,280 ft. (1,609 m)⁠—exactly one mile above sea level. Denver is Colorado’s largest city. It is the commercial, financial and cultural center of the Rocky Mountain region; the city’s dry, sunny climate is favored by tourists, the downtown is alive with restaurants, bars, shows, museums and much more. All the hotels are within walking distance of the Colorado Convention Center. Within the downtown Denver area, you can take a walk or ride a bike on the Cherry Creek bike path, visit the Denver Branch of the U.S. Mint, the expansive exhibits in the Denver Art Museum, take a ride at the Elitch Gardens Amusement Park or take in a baseball game at Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies. There is so much to do! While you are on your way to an event, stop in at any of the great restaurants that are within walking distance of the hotels and the convention center.


I am really excited to have IMS2022 in Denver. We have taken the established IMS program and added many new elements. The RFIC and IMS workshops start things off on Sunday. The two days of the RFIC technical program start on Monday. ARFTG has joint events with IMS throughout the week and then the ARFTG Symposium on Friday. The technical program for IMS starts on Monday; one of the big events on Monday is the Plenary Session, there will be talks from some well-known companies on microwaves in space and quantum systems for more than just computers. Following the Plenary Session will be the Welcome Reception, which will celebrate all things Denver/Colorado. The Three Minute Thesis program, student, industrial and advanced paper competitions, technical talks, the largest microwave exhibition and lots more will happen throughout the week!

New for IMS2022, we have added the Systems Forum. This Forum combines elements from ARFTG, RFIC and IMS. The Systems Forum has events on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during week of IMS. Each of those days has a theme that loosely ties together certain material for the day. Tuesday is the Connected Future Summit (think 5G, 6G, etc.) and Quantum Systems Day. Wednesday is Radar and Aerospace Day. Thursday is Phased Arrays and OTA Applications Day. During these days look for additional panel sessions, more focus sessions, technical lectures, socials and more.

We are also working to increase industry participation in IMS. There will be opportunities for industry-based authors to showcase their work. In addition, there will be opportunities for industry-based authors to mention companies supporting their work and show the companies’ booth numbers, if they are exhibiting. Speaking of exhibits, at the time of this writing we have over 410 companies exhibiting at IMS2022 and the number keeps growing!


It wouldn’t be IMS without social events. Starting with the Welcome Reception on Monday, there is something happening every day and night of IMS. Tuesday, earlier in the day, there will be a Quantum Reception and then a bit later there will be the Young Professional’s (YP’s) Reception⁠—there will also be other YP events happening throughout the week. On Wednesday, the Women in Microwave events are taking place and the Award Banquet is happening that night. Make sure to save time Thursday to go to the Closing Plenary talk. To see the many more events going on during the week, take a look at the Week-At-A-Glance.

The Technical Program Committee has put together a great program for IMS2022. There are a lot of new elements (see the Technical Program for more information). We have doubled the number of panel sessions and focus sessions and invited many of the top experts to participate. Summer in Denver is wonderful. Come, enjoy and stay a few extra days to experience Colorado. I can’t wait to see you all at IMS2022!