Designed to be a flexible platform for RF testing, the NOFFZ Universal Wireless Tester (UWT) covers the cellular and connectivity standards (e.g., C-V2X, 5G, 802.11ax, Bluetooth Low Energy and ultra-wideband) for non-signaling verification. Additional waveform generation capabilities for global navigation satellite systems and broadcast radio expand the technology coverage for test applications.

The UWT is based on modular PXIe hardware from NI that provides high speed, reliable testing. Instrument sharing and scheduling of measurement tasks are enabled through the NOFFZ Universal Switch Matrix (UMX), which extends PXIe instruments to 32 bidirectional RF ports, with additional DC load emulation and voltage/current measurement capabilities. The UWT is scalable to up to four individual vector signal transceivers and four UMXs, covering 128 RF channels.

For higher throughput or faster test time, the system can be upgraded with additional analyzers and generators. During calibration or repair, the test stations can continue to operate at lower throughput; transceivers can be serviced one at a time, minimizing downtime.

Wireless standards are increasingly integrated in vehicles, smart homes and industrial IoT applications, this demands parallel testing solutions with high channel counts. From sub-6 GHz to mmWave frequencies, the UWT covers the essence of test requirements in one system, providing flexibility, scalability and long-term support.

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