Aeroflex is using its presence at European Microwave Week 2007 for the European launch of its new modular RF test platform for wireless applications up to 6 GHz. The scaleable platform has the flexibility to easily perform at any stage of wireless development from research to manufacturing, and can integrate seamlessly into any wireless market including cellular, wireless data, RFIC test and military/aerospace.

The configurable RF measurement system encompasses three powerful new additions: New PXI 3000 Series hardware modules, PXI Studio software with new measurement plug-ins, and a new PXI instrument chassis to tie it all together. "The combination of a single-sourced PXI instrument chassis, with a system controller, PXI module resources and PXI Studio application software heralds the arrival of a complete out-of-the-box configurable and scaleable RF measurement system that surpasses the performance of rack-and-stack instrumentation of old," said Tim Carey, PXI product manager, Aeroflex Test Solutions.