RLC Electronics has released a family of high-power electromechanical (EM) switches with frequency coverage to 18 GHz. The series expanded from the original single pole double throw switch, released in 2015, to include SP3T through SP6T versions. Developed for an electronic warfare (EW) system, the switches have insertion loss < 0.5 dB and isolation > 80 dB, and they handle 125 W incident power at 18 GHz. Switch performance improves at lower frequencies, with 1000 W power handling at 100 MHz. VSWR in a 50 Ω system is specified at 1.6:1 maximum at 18 GHz and 1.25:1 below 7 GHz. Switching time is less than 20 ms.

The switches have type N female RF connectors, with power and control connections via solder terminals, D-Sub or MS connectors. Additional options are failsafe or latching operation, 5 to 30 V DC coil voltage, a TTL driver and indicator circuitry. The switches can be customized further to meet a program’s unique requirements. To create multi-function assemblies, RLC can integrate discrete components into a multifunction platform.

According to RLC, it is the only company supplying this combination of power handling and frequency coverage in a multi-throw EM switch. Nonetheless, anticipating future program needs, RLC is focused on increasing the power handling capability of the switch family to 175 W at 18 GHz.

Formed in 1959, RLC Electronics designs and manufactures coaxial and surface-mount microwave components, including coaxial switches, filters, attenuators, couplers, power dividers, detectors, bias tees, pickoff tees, phase trimmers and terminations.

RLC Electronics
Mount Kisco, N.Y.