Filtronic plc has extended its portfolio of Cerus E-Band power amplifiers (PA), now available in one-, four- and eight-way amplifier versions. All amplifiers integrate Filtronic GaAs HEMT PA MMICs, which are matched in performance and power-combined in waveguide to maximize the output power.

The four- and eight-way models have an integral temperature sensor with an analog output for monitoring thermal performance. The models also have optional control circuitry for gain, muting and alarms.

Designed for long-range commercial or military telecommunications applications, including low Earth orbit and high altitude platform systems (HAPS), the Cerus amplifiers cover the 71 to 76 and 81 to 86 GHz bands. The PAs have saturated output power to at least +36 dBm, with a 1 dB compression power of +31 dBm and transmit power control range of 10 dB. The small signal gain is 24 dB typical.

With the typical output third order intermodulation product of +39.5 dBm at +29 dBm output, the PAs support 256-QAM modulation for high data rate links.

The PAs are 40 x 40 x 47 mm in size and weigh 160 g, making them compatible with airborne and HAPS applications. The iput and output connections are via WR12 waveguide, the DC power connection is via a multi-pin connector.