According to Morion, the MV336R oven controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) is the only 10 MHz reference optimizing temperature stability, Allan deviation (ADEV) and phase noise. The temperature stability is 2 x 10-11 across the -20°C to +70°C range, ADEV is 7 x 10-14 over 1 s and phase noise is less than -124 dBc/Hz at 1 Hz offset. ADEV at 10 and 100 s can be specified at 2.5 x 10-13 and 4.5 x 10-13, respectively.

Frequency stability over temperature influences ADEV measurements for longer than 3 s intervals. By minimizing the temperature influence on the oscillator, the MV336R enables precise and reliable measurements of ADEVs for 10 to 100 s. Frequency stability with temperature is caused by the temperature dependence of the individual components in the design: ovens, capacitors, inductances and transistors. With thermal modeling, Morion used various circuit and design approaches to significantly reduce the influence of these factors on frequency stability.

Studies of the surface state and optimum power dissipation in a crystal and their influence on close-in phase noise led to a special treatment of the crystal blank’s surface. This enabled the OCXO’s phase noise and ADEV performance, with significant improvement in the phase noise at 0.1 Hz offset. It is now specified at -94 dBc/Hz.

The MV336 R is free running with a sine wave output; PLL compatible units are available. The OCXO is biased with a 12 V supply and assembled in a 92 x 80 x 50 mm package.

Morion, based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, has developed quartz devices, from blanks to precision OCXOs, since 1930. Morion US is an independent California corporation serving the American market.

Morion US, LLC
San Jose, Calif.