Teledyne Relays announced new wide temperature range, hermetic relays operating up to 18 GHz. The new RF131 and GRF131 single-pole double-throw models are non-latching, offering fail-safe functionality. The new products expand rugged options available to key RF test and telecommunications markets.

The RF131 and GRF131 non-latching models complement the widely respected equivalent through-hole RF121 and surface mount GRF121 magnetic latching relays from Teledyne Relays. With an operating temperature range from—55°C to +85°C, and glass-to-metal hermetic seals throughout, the new electromechanical switches offer fail-safe functionality up to 18 GHz and 40 Gbps data rates for the most challenging environments.

The RF131 and GRF131 both come in an extended Centigrid® package with the heritage of Teledyne Relay’s miniature RF relays by incorporating a precision transmission line structure in the internal construction of the contact system to ensure the best RF performance with minimal insertion loss and high isolation between signal paths. Each relay can be ordered with a 5 or 12 V rated coil and is designed with protection from dust and contaminates contributing to a life expectancy up to 2 million cycles.

The RF131 is a through-hole mount version and can switch frequencies up to 12 GHz with 20 Gbps signal integrity. The RF131 is supplied with standard gold-plated 0.75 inch. leads and can also be ordered with solder or RoHS compliant solder-dipped leads.

The GRF131 features a unique ground shield to facilitate surface mounting and to extend the frequency range when compared to through-hole solutions. This increases the RF capability to 18 GHz and signal integrity to 40 Gbps.

“These relays are designed for use in RF attenuators, RF switch matrices, high frequency spread spectrum radios, ATE, and other applications that require dependable high frequency signal fidelity and performance,” said Michael Palakian, Teledyne Relays’ global director of Sales & Marketing. “The low power consumption makes them ideal for applications where power budget is restricted.”

The new products are available to order now.