The TMD Technologies Division of Communications & Power Industries (CPI), supplier of advanced microwave and RF products, will showcase a selection of its latest products for defense and homeland security systems at the upcoming 58th Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention in Washington, DC, November 30 to December 2. The CPI TMD Technologies products on display will include the new PTS10147 solid-state power amplifier (SSPA) for electronic warfare (EW) and radar.

Joint enterprise with CPI

Mike Farley, vice president of CPI TMD Technologies, U.S., said, “The Association of Old Crows (AOC) International Symposium brings together some 2,000 professionals from more than 30 countries and gives TMD the opportunity to welcome representatives from industry, military and government sectors worldwide to our booth in November. This year, we are pleased to attend the symposium with our colleagues at CPI. We will jointly showcase a broad spectrum of the latest microwave products, illustrating that TMD is now part of CPI’s established design and manufacturing group focused on cutting-edge electronic products and systems for communications and defense customers.”

“Since the last AOC event in the U.S., in addition to the PTS10147 SSPA, TMD has introduced three new microwave power modules (MPMs) to our broad range of durable microwave products; namely, the PTXM9754, PTX8808 and PTX8811,” continued Farley.

New TMD Technologies Products in Booth 723:

PTS10147 – Enabling the latest wideband SSPA technology

Compact and lightweight, the new broadband PTS10147 operates over the 2 to 6 GHz frequency range with a high power of 100 W (pulsed or CW) and a linear gain of up to 60 dB.

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The new PTS10147 offers highest power-to-volume ratio.

The excellent power performance and very compact and lightweight construction of the PTS10147 has been achieved by employing GaN high-power transistors in the output and driver stages. This design provides the benefit of a power-to-volume ratio that is believed to be the highest on the market for such a product.

The PTS10147 is particularly effective in electronic attack (jamming) roles. Moreover, its small size and light weight,  combined with high power, means that it is ideal in radar or EW installations used in UAVs, drones or man-portable systems. 

PTXM9754 – supporting the U.S. military’s radar, EW and communications systems.

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 This advanced unit has been designed in direct response to unprecedented demand for a drop-in replacement as an alternative to existing 6 to 18 GHz 100 W (minimum) MPMs. Following a high-priority development project at its design and manufacturing facility in London, U.K., CPI TMD Technologies has produced a superior high performance amplifier, built to stringent specifications and readily available to support existing and new defense programs.

The PTXM9754 utilizes a ‘super-mini’ travelling wave tube (TWT), a solid-state preamp and an optimized high density switched-mode power supply to form a single ‘drop-in’ amplifier block. This design provides a form, fit, function equivalent to existing 6 to18 GHz MPMs installed across many shipboard, airborne and ground-based systems.

PTX8808/PTX8811 – TMD Technologies extends its position as leader in EW power amplifiers and radar systems.

The new PTX8808 and PTX8811 operate in the technically challenging Ka-Band and are designed to meet the exacting needs of today’s EW and high performance radar systems. Replacing the earlier PTX8807, the new MPMs cover the extended frequency range of 26.5 to 40 GHz between them, with power outputs of 60 to 160 W (CW/pulsed, 100 percent duty cycle). The PTX8811 employs a narrower bandwidth, allowing it to be optimized to provide higher power.

CPI TMD Technologies’ PTX8808 and PTX8811 employ a Ka-Band helix, mini–travelling wave tube and a matched, high density switched mode power supply to form a single drop-in microwave amplifier unit.


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The PTX8808 and PTX8811 meet the demands of today’s high performance EW and radar systems.

TMD Attending AOC 2021

CPI TMD Technologies expects to have engineering and sales personnel from its U.S. and U.K. facilities in attendance at AOC 2021. Current and new customers are encouraged to visit them during the symposium in Booth 723 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.