MegaPhase announced the launch of the Mega8 Multi-Port Connector System, an alternative to Times Microwave M8 connectors that provides exceptional performance for both fixed and rotary winged airframes. The Mega8 Multi-Port Connector System ensures positive mating even under the most extreme vibrations.

Mega8 multi-ports meet the harsh requirements of MIL-T-81490 and MIL-C-87104 and have a variety of features that make them highly dependable, versatile and simple to use:

    Individually sealed connector housings and cable assemblies

    Spring loaded interfaces to ensure positive mating

    Simple front release of individual cable assemblies

    Housings accept a wide variety of cable assemblies

    Keyed housings allow for multiple housings on a single box

    Single jack screw mating feature.

Mega8 multi-ports are available in various ports and housing configurations and is guaranteed to mate with other leading brands.