As our September editorial theme is Automotive and Connected Vehicles, we took this opportunity to do a video series with Vayyar Imaging a leader in 4D imaging radar systems for ADAS/SRR/Autonomy, in cabin safety sensing and newly added motorcycle/scooter safety. Vayyar designs high integrated, single chip solutions making their systems low cost, compact and high performance with their large antenna counts. Their high-performance RFIC supports up to 72 transceivers across UWB and mmWave frequencies from 3 to 81GHz. The components include an integrated DSP and an MCU for complex signal and image processing. Vayyar’s platform includes fully developed radar algorithms for complex signal processing. Combined with their embedded software-on-chip, this enables outputs across multiple layers, ranging from raw data to tailored applications.

As these radar systems have advanced, they are applying their solutions to additional areas past the traditional vehicle exterior sensing to in cabin sensing and compact solutions for motorcycle and scooter applications. The video series is 3 parts:

  • Low Cost 4D Imaging Radar Systems For ADAS/SRR/Autonomy
  • In Cabin Automotive Radar Systems Enabling New Safety Applications (release date 9/21)
  • New Compact Radar Systems for Motorcycle/Scooter Safety Applications (release date 9/28)

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Part 1: Learn About Low Cost 4D Imaging Radar Systems For ADAS/SRR/Autonomy From Vayyar

Ian Podkamien, Vice President and Head of Automotive at Vayyar, talks with Pat Hindle, Editorial Director at Microwave Journal, about new capabilities available from low cost 4D imaging radars for automotive safety and autonomy applications including a demo of how these systems perform.


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