The Universal Wireless Tester (UWT) is a joint development by NOFFZ and NI and is a combination of a NI PXI system including Vector Signal Transceiver and the NOFFZ UMX switch. The system was developed as a production tester for wireless communication devices and is specially designed for high volume parallel testing. 

New wireless technologies such as C-V2X, 5G, LTE, 802. 11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax/p, BT and BT-LE that are integrated in TCUs, smart antennas, infotainment systems, e-call modules and other components can be tested quickly and easily with the UWT.The UWT offers a high number of RF port connections to DUTs with 8+ antennas for multiple wireless standards in one system: 32 bidirectional DUT ports with integrated signal conditioning, device SW for managing test resources via the NOFFZ UMX switch, and scalability to 64 ports per test system. In addition, the UWT includes an RF test suite for DUT control, test sequencing, hardware abstraction, and automatic power-up.

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