Rohde & Schwarz and Colby Instruments, a manufacturer of high precision programmable delay lines, have joined forces to provide the ultra-wideband (UWB) ecosystem with an extremely accurate test solution for angle of arrival (AoA) and phase difference of arrival characterization. 

Engineers testing UWB devices now can combine the R&S CMP200 radio communication tester and WMT software service to implement automated wireless manufacturing testing from Rohde & Schwarz with the high precision delay lines XT-200 from Colby Instruments to perform measurements in conducted mode including calibration and verification. In UWB technology, the distance between two devices is calculated by accurately measuring the time a UWB signal needs to travel from a transmitter to a receiver (time of flight). By measuring the time or phase difference of a signal received at both UWB receive antennas, it is possible to calculate the AoA. The delay lines let users characterize the device under test with a delay range from 0 to 625 ps and a resolution of 0.50 ps, making it possible to simulate even granular angles and distances. The R&S CMP200 combines the capabilities of a signal analyzer and generator in a single instrument and offers a complete solution for transmitter and receiver measurements in conducted and radiated environments. 

Christoph Pointner, senior vice president for Mobile Radio Testers at Rohde & Schwarz, said, “With the three core UWB services, hands-free access control, location-based services and device-to-device services, determining the location and direction of a device is key for UWB technology. We are happy to have pooled our competencies with those of Colby Instruments to provide the UWB ecosystem with a perfectly matched, highly accurate test solution to master this crucial challenge in UWB device characterization.”

Victor Chinn, president at Colby Instruments, said, “We are excited to partner with Rohde & Schwarz to offer innovative products incorporating our industry-leading precision delay line instruments, fully integrated into a single test system solution. Our X Series instruments offer unparalleled precision and performance to meet the challenging UWB market requirements.”